Consultants Resource Bank

The Consultants Resource Bank

The Consultant Resource Bank lists consultants who have experience working with nonprofit organizations. In order to be listed in the Consultant Resource Bank, a consultant must submit two references from nonprofit organizations they have worked with successfully.

Click on a consultant's name below or use the filter criteria on the right to narrow down the list based on the criteria that are critical to you.

Caroline Amport-Piper
Sarah Andrews
Sol Asmar
Emily Bass
Jamie Batson
Kate Bishop Hamel
Catherine Blake
Jennie Boden
Terri Bordenave
Loretta Brady
Edward Shippen Bright
Maren Brown
Lee Bruder
Ailie Byers
Robin Cabral
Alan Cantor
Nancy Cavalieri
Dave Chase
Cotton Cleveland
Laura Coleman
Ann Connor
Chris Conroy
Peter Cooke
Eric Curtis
Ami D'Amelio
Michael Daily
Annie de Cossy
Caitlin Delaney
Nancy Dorner
Susan Egmont
Katharine Eneguess
Laura Ewing-Mahoney
Ellen Fineberg
Jamie Forbes
Meredith Funston
Katie Gardella
John Gilbert
Sarah Glatt
Christine Graham
Michelle Gray
Scott Greenwood
Tom Harrington
Paul Hebert
Greg Hessel
Ann Hopkins
Karen Horsch
Mary Ellen Jackson
Nancy Jackson
Mary Jordan
Peggy Kieschnick
James Kimberly
Ellen Koenig
Mary Lou Krambeer
Cathy La Forge
Stephanie Lahar
David Lamarre-Vincent
Noë Lee
Lisa Leidy
Deborah Lielasus
Maryann Lindberg
Amy Lockwood
Bob MacArthur
Barbara MacLeod
Elissa Margolin
Fran Marshall
Jim Marshall
Timothy Martin
Maureen McDonald
Betsy McNamara
Raymond J. Mitchell
Mariah Morgan
Melissa Nemon
Lizann Peyton
Anne Peyton, CPF, CFRE
Peter Pike
Daniel Prial
Karen Prior
Judy Ringer
Christopher Rueggeberg
Libby Rust
Steve Schaffer
Robin Schell
Roy Schlieben
Sara Schoman
Timothy Scott, CFRE
Maria Sillari
Jayme Simoes
Steven Smith
Howard Stanten
William Stockwell
Laurie Storey-Manseau
Christine Strong
Elizabeth Sunde
Douglass Teschner, Ed.D.
Ed Tomey
Heather Totty
Michele L Tremblay
Kim Votta
Roy Ward
Josh Weinstein
Wendy Wetherbee
Brian Wheeler
Karen White

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