Job Posting Guidelines

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Our job listing pages receives more than 50,000 visits every month. With dozens of jobs at any given time, it has earned the reputation among qualified job seekers as the place to go to find a job in NH's nonprofit sector.

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Contribute to NH's Go-To Source for Nonprofit Compensation

Your participation in the 2024 Survey of Wages & Benefits in Northern New England is needed to produce a truly meaningful report. Organizations across the state rely on this data to make decisions related to compensation for their employees.

The report based on this data will be release in late 2024


  • Basic job postings are free for nonprofit members of the Center
  • Basic job posting will also be listed in one issue of  the Nonprofit Notes Jobs edition, published each Thursday, and sent to over 2,000 subscribers
  • Boost and Premium options offer additional visibility
  • We only post paid employment positions; we do not post unpaid internships, volunteer opportunities or contracted positions.  


Preparing for Posting Your Job

The more information you are able to provide to the people viewing your job, the more likely you are to get truly qualified candidates. The list below will give you an idea of the types of information that will be requested on the posting form. Items with an asterisk are required.

  • Name of organization *
  • Job title, excluding any information that isn't part of the actual job title (shift information, requirements, etc.) *
  • A description of your organization
  • City and state where the job is located *
  • Type of Job (administrative, direct service, programming, management) *
  • Salary Range*
  • Full-time or part-time *
  • Job description *
  • Job responsibilities
  • Job requirements
  • Instructions for applying, including contact information *
  • Deadline for applying

Your ad will be removed at the end of 30 days or on your specified deadline if that falls before the 30 day period ends.