Wages & Benefits Report

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The Report on Nonprofit Wages & Benefits is your go-to source for NH nonprofit compensation data. The intent of the report is to provide nonprofit board and staff leaders with a tool which should serve as a launching point for conversations on human resource management, recruitment, retention and satisfaction:

☑ How do I put my organization's compensation level in perspective for the IRS and general public?

☑ How should I set pay and benefits for new hires?

☑ Where can I find objective salary information for my board?

☑ Every 2 years we ask nonprofits to participate in a survey in the spring.  The next survey will be in 2024


The 2022 Wages & Benefits Report is now available!

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The report is available as a digital download in PDF format.

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To purchase the survey, click on the link below and then choose the option that describes your membership and participation status to access the appropriate pricing.