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2024 Survey on Nonprofit Wages & Benefits in Northern New England

Help build the report that you need to help set compensation for your staff!

The Center, in partnership with  Common Good Vermont and the Maine Association of Nonprofits, conducts a compensation survey every two years to equip New Hampshire nonprofits with reliable, local data to catalyze conversations, shape compensation strategies, and justify compensation levels to the public and the IRS. Your participation in the survey is critical to building a useful data set. 

The resulting report is a comprehensive and valuable tool for nonprofit employers in setting competitive compensation packages for a wide-range of nonprofit job categories. Nonprofits that complete the survey save $125 on the report.

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Instructions, Preparation + FAQs

The deadline to complete the survey is 5:00PM on June 7th. 

Who can participate in the survey?

Any 501(c)(3), 501(c)(4), 501(c)(5), or 501(c)(6) organization based in or with paid staff working in Maine, New Hampshire, or Vermont can participate in the survey. If your organization is all-volunteer or none of your employees match the job categories included in the survey, you can still get credit for participating in the survey by completing the first section. Only one person per organization should complete the survey. 

Is this survey confidential?

Your contact information and organization identifiers will be kept separate from sensitive data and will only be used to: prevent duplicate submissions, determine whether your organization should receive a participation discount, and contact you should we have questions about your survey responses. We will omit data for any category with fewer than five responses.

How long will the survey take? 

This survey itself will take roughly 30 minutes to complete, assuming you’ve already gathered all of the required data. On the following pages you will find a preparation worksheet. How long it takes to gather the data will vary depending on the size of your organization’s budget and staff, and can take up to three hours for very large organizations. We strongly encourage you to use the  worksheet and directions linked to below to identify and gather the relevant information before proceeding to the survey. 

When will the report be published and how much does it cost?

The report is slated to be published in the Fall of 2024 and the pricing is outlined in the chart below. Survey participants will be notified when the report is published. Note that this is an electronic publication – hard copies are not provided. 


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2022 Wages & Benefits Report

Note: The 2024 report will be released in late 2024. The currently available report is from 2022.

The Report on Nonprofit Wages & Benefits is your go-to source for NH nonprofit compensation data. The intent of the report is to provide nonprofit board and staff leaders with a tool which should serve as a launching point for conversations on human resource management, recruitment, retention and satisfaction:

☑ How do I put my organization's compensation level in perspective for the IRS and general public?

☑ How should I set pay and benefits for new hires?

☑ Where can I find objective salary information for my board?

☑ Every 2 years we ask nonprofits to participate in a survey in the spring.  The next survey will be in 2024


The 2022 Wages & Benefits Report is now available!

The price for the report is based on two factors

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The report is available as a digital download in PDF format.

Report PricingMemberNot-Yet-Member
Participated in the Survey$0$125


To purchase the survey, click on the link below and then choose the option that describes your membership and participation status to access the appropriate pricing.

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