Charitable Gaming Update

The new Charitable Gaming Commission continues to explore changes to how charities sponsor and receive revenue from gaming. There are also several bills that would impact nonprofits.


  • Commission. The charitable gaming commission reconvened on March 4 and the agenda included a panel presentation from three charities currently sponsoring and benefitting from gaming. Commission members inquired about access to gaming days, potential additional reporting, and a potential ceiling on revenue for sponsoring charities. Nonprofits are urged to engage with Commission members and to follow the work of the Commission. 
  • Moratorium Bills. Several bills in the House and Senate propose various timelines for a moratorium on additional HHR licensing. 
    • SB 112. After a “replace all” amendment, the House approved a moratorium that would take effect 60 days after passage and allow for current applicants in the queue to proceed. SB 112 also repeals the ability of gaming operators to charge rents to sponsoring nonprofits.
    • SB 472. Considered by the Senate Ways and Means Committee, the bill that received an ought to pass recommendation (3-2), proposes a 7 year extension of the moratorium. The bill also proposes allowing host municipalities to benefit from 7 to 10 days of gaming if there is no sponsoring charity available. 
    • HB 1255. Considered by House Ways and Means with an ought to pass recommendation of 19-0, this bill proposes a 2 year extension of the moratorium. 


  • Rent Repeal. In addition to SB 112, HB 1203 includes the provision to repeal the ability of gaming operators to charge rents to sponsoring charities.

  • Charitable Third Party Financial Intermediary Program. SB 432, a bill regarding advanced deposit wagering sponsored by Senator Lang, was amended by Senate Ways and Means to create a new third party administered fund for charitable organizations who are not participating in charitable gaming.