Charitable Gaming Proposals Would Impact Participating Nonprofits

Several bills and discussions within the Charitable Gaming Commission could impact the revenue to participating nonprofits.



The most recent budget created and funded a new commission to study the effect of recent changes made to charitable gaming laws, including the newly authorized historical horse races in RSA 284:6. The Study Committee’s mission includes the examination of the following:

  • How charities are selected and whether a uniform process should exist;
  • Whether the state should limit the number of charitable gaming locations;
  • Whether charging rent to the charities is necessary with historic horse racing (HHR);
  • Whether more HHR licenses would increase/reduce revenues to charities, and;
  • Whether host communities should share in charitable gaming proceeds.


Licensed and participating nonprofits as well as nonprofits interested in the impact of changes to gaming practices are encouraged to follow and engage with the Commission. The next meeting is January 29 at 10 am in State House Room 100. Meetings are also live streamed and recorded on YouTube.

Rent Repeal 

Several bills in the legislature included the proposed repeal of the ability of gaming operators to charge rent to sponsoring charities:

  • SB 112. Passed the House on a voice vote on January 4 and includes rent repeal.
  • HB 1203. Representative Cahill (D-Newmarket) has sponsored this bill to prohibit gaming operators from charging rents. A hearing is scheduled for January 30 before House Ways and Means.
  • SB 472. Chairman Lang (R-Sanborton) announced his intent to amend his bill extending the moratorium on additional HHR licenses another 5 years to include repeal of rents.

Charitable Gaming Proceeds to Host Municipalities

The NH Center for Nonprofits opposed amendment 0090 to SB 432 that would redirect 10 days of charitable gaming revenue to host municipalities per gaming operator. “These proceeds should not be diverted from charitable missions,” said CEO Kathleen Reardon in a letter to the Senate Ways and Means Committee. Nonprofits interested in opposing the redistribution of funds designated for the charitable sectors are encouraged to reach out to members of the Committee this week.