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CommunicationsCommunication is the art of conveying information and includes not only verbal interchange, but also printed materials, websites, & email. Because people are inundated with messages every day, in so many ways, how we choose to communicate with our target audience is critical to the success of our communications. The resources on this page strive to cover not only the tools of communication, but also the best practices to create effective communications.

Facebook Basics for Social Media Management: Profiles and Pages and Groups, Oh My!

Source: Lexian Management Associates
Lauriane Lebrun of Lexian Management Associates explains the various kinds of pages and groups on Facebook and how you might want to use them for your organization.
Posted on: July 11, 2019
Topics: Communications | Marketing | Social Media

MindEdge Learning Professional Development

The Center has partnered with MindEdge Learning, a leading provider of online higher education and professional development, to offer their full suite Management and Nonprofit Management certificates and courses. These on-demand, self-paced courses provide an alternative to the Center's existing opportunities and members of the Center can request a discount code for 10% off the normal price. Learn more
Posted on: October 10, 2018
Topics: Online Tools | Cost savings | Featured

Five Twitter Mistakes You Might Be Making

Source: Firespring
If you “do” Twitter, make sure you review this list of tweeting “don'ts” from nonprofit web design and marketing firm Firespring.
Posted on: October 14, 2015
Topics: Communications | Marketing | Social Media

Creating a Video? Here Are 20 Terms You Need to Know

Source: See3
It's hard work to make a compelling video. Working with a video expert can make things easier, but not if you don't know the lingo. Use this helpful list of video terms from nonprofit communications firm See3 and make sure you're speaking the same language.
Posted on: October 14, 2015
Topics: Communications | Marketing

More Than a Ticket: Rethinking the Annual Report

Source: NTEN
In the September 2015 issue of NTEN: Change, the Seattle Theatre Group and Pyramid Communications describe the strategies they used to nearly double readership of their online annual report and share their message and mission with a broader audience.
Posted on: October 14, 2015
Topics: Communications | Marketing | Technology

How Nonprofit Branding Strengthens Impact

Source: PhilanTopic
Matt Schwartz of MSDS, a nonprofit- and education-focused design and branding firm, explains the key components and importance of nonprofit brands in a post for the PhilanTopic blog.
Posted on: June 9, 2015
Topics: Communications | Marketing

2015 M+R Benchmarks Study

Source: M+R Strategic Services
M+R Strategic Services released their 2015 M+R Benchmarks Study, a detailed analysis of data from a survey of the online communications, advocacy, and fundraising of 84 nonprofits.
Posted on: April 23, 2015
Topics: Communications | Communications for Advocacy | Data & Research | Fundraising | Marketing | Social Media

How Human Rights Watch Leverages Employee Brands on Twitter

Source: Beth's Blog
Beth Kanter talks to employees at Human Rights Watch about how they leverage employee's personal Twitter accounts by offering training and policies that encourage participation.
Posted on: March 31, 2015
Topics: Communications | Marketing | Social Media

12 Stock Photography Sites for Nonprofits

Source: Nonprofit MarCommunity
Angela de Burger, Communications Manager at YMCA Canada, shares a list of her favorite free and paid stock photography sites to help you take your marketing visuals to the next level.
Posted on: March 16, 2015
Topics: Communications | Marketing | Online Tools | Social Media

5 Lessons from 5 Years Leading Digital at a Nonprofit

Source: Ragan
Paull Young, former Director of Digital at nonprofit fundraising and marketing wunderkind charity: water, shares the lessons he learned raising more than $37 million.
Posted on: February 24, 2015
Topics: Communications | Fundraising | Marketing

7 Reasons Why NPOs Should Shift Focus from Earned Media to Owned Media

Source: Bloomerang
Bloomerang recommends nonprofits examine their balance of earned vs. owned media, listing 7 reasons why organizations should start shifting more towards owned media.
Posted on: October 18, 2013
Topics: Communications | Marketing

The Art of Listening: Social Media Toolkit for Nonprofits

Source: The Greenlining Institute
This new report from the Greenlining Institute has tips and best practices for nonprofits, divided into seven sections on topics like listening, communicating, building an audience, managing accounts, generating content, developing a social media policy, and measuing effectiveness.  
Posted on: October 16, 2013
Topics: Communications | Communications for Advocacy | Marketing | Social Media

9 Steps to Smarter, More Effective Email

Source: Big Duck
Big Duck, a nonprofit communications agency, recently hosted a blog carnival on email best practices, and shared 10 articles chock full of great email tips and tricks.
Posted on: September 27, 2013
Topics: Communications | Fundraising | Marketing

The Cost of Bad Data

Source: NTEN
Do you have dirty data? Having good data hygeine practices means more than just dusting your database, and can save you money while helping you raise more. Sara Rowland of International Data Management shows the real world effects of bad data, and highlights three best practices for keeping your database squeaky clean.
Posted on: September 25, 2013
Topics: Best Practice | Communications | Data & Research | Fundraising | Marketing

7-Step Nonprofit Plan to Attract and Keep Corporate Partners

Source: Beth's Blog
Branding consultant and New York Times best-selling author Simon Mainwaring outlines a 7-step plan for corporate partnerships in this guest post for Beth Kanter's blog.
Posted on: September 24, 2013
Topics: Collaboration | Communications | Fundraising | Marketing | Philanthropy

The Magic of the Welcome Email for New Subscribers

Source: Future Fundraising Now
Citing a recent blog post by email marketing company Emma, Jeff Brooks makes the case for welcome emails for new subscribers, which have open rates or 50%, can increase long-term engagement by 33%, and have transaction rates nine times greater than other emails.
Posted on: September 24, 2013
Topics: Best Practice | Communications | Data & Research | Fundraising | Marketing | Technology

The Art of Creating Online Communities

Source: The Communications Network
Kate Emanuel of the Ad Council highlights four nonprofits who made the right decisions and took the right steps to create successful online communities, and are now benefiting from their hard work.
Posted on: September 24, 2013
Topics: Best Practice | Communications | Marketing | Online Tools | Social Media | Technology

Why Nonprofits Need to Be Storytellers

Source: Bridgespan
To Andy Goodman, a nationally recognized author, speaker and consultant in the field of public interest communications, storytelling is integral to a nonprofit’s ability to advance its mission. Stories can shape people; they can inspire them to think and act differently. Stories are what can connect your nonprofit’s community, funders, beneficiaries, and employees with your cause and vision. In this Q&A, Goodman discusses the importance of storytelling for nonprofits and how nonprofits and their leaders and staff can approach blending powerful stories with data to advance their organizations’ missions.
Posted on: August 22, 2013
Topics: Communications | Fundraising | Marketing

Idealware Social Media Report

Source: Idealware
New social media startups are appearing all the time, and the lines that distinguish existing tools blur more each day. Facebook is still the dominant channel, but even there, usage is on the decline. Is your organization’s social media presence still cutting it? While many of these newer tools may be unfamiliar to you, each has its own audience—and if your targeted demographic overlaps, you might want to add it to your existing arsenal to help you reach and engage constituents. Idealware’s latest report, Exploring Cutting Edge Social Media, details many of these less-familiar social media tools and offers guidance to help your organization think about whether to incorporate them into your communications mix.
Posted on: August 16, 2013
Topics: Communications | Marketing | Social Media | Technology

Do You Really Talk Like That?

Source: Ann Green's Nonprofit Blog
Imagine that you are donor and you receive a newsletter from a nonprofit organization that you support.  As you read it, you come across phrases like generate social capital and culture-focused projects. Does it make you want to read more, or put it aside and go on to your next piece of mail? One of the keys to good writing is to be conversational.  Many nonprofit communications (newsletters, fundraising letters, etc) are not conversational and tend to be impersonal and abstract. Don't worry. it's easy to fix this.  Here are a few ways to make your writing more conversational.
Posted on: July 22, 2013
Topics: Communications | Fundraising | Marketing


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