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Board Governance

If you're on the board of a nonprofit or thinking about becoming a member of a nonprofit board, this is your resource page. From what you should know before you join, to how to help build the most effective board, this page links you to resources from all over the web. From board roles and responsibilities to fiduciary accountability, you will find it all here.

Board Chair: Making Your Mark

Source: CompassPoint
An article from CompassPoint that can help a Board Chair figure out how to approach this important role and set an agenda that leaves the board and the organization stronger.
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Posted on: February 28, 2013
Topics: Board | Leadership

Tips to Help Board Members Understand Their Fiduciary Duties

From the Chronicle of Philanthropy is a short article with practical tips to help board members understand and carry out the fiduciary duties of care, loyalty, and obedience. This is a great short article to circulate among your board. Read More...
Posted on: February 28, 2013
Topics: Board

Sample Job Descriptions for Board Officers and Committee Chairs

From
Posted on: February 28, 2013
Topics: Board

Ten Basic Responsibilities of Nonprofit Boards

Source: BoardSource
What are the basic responsibilities of nonprofit boards? This list from BoardSource offers a quick easy reference that you can use in your boardroom.
Posted on: February 28, 2013
Topics: Board | Board Roles & Responsibilities

An Effective Board Manual

Getting all board members, especially new ones, on the same page is a challenge for all organizations. An effective Board Manual is one way to build shared knowledge about the organization. BoardSource offers some simple suggestions and a checklist for developing a Board Manual that will get your board on the same page. Read More...
Posted on: February 28, 2013
Topics: Board

What Information Should Board Members Have?

It is often difficult to strike a balance between not giving enough information to board members and providing so much that critical information gets lost in the deluge. Here are some suggestions from Board Cafe about written documents the board should have. This is a good list for creating an orientation packet for new board members. Read More...
Posted on: February 28, 2013
Topics: Board

What questions should we ask our potential board members?

The objective of board recruitment is to find willing, able, and committed board members. How do you know if a candidate is going to be the right person for your board? BoardSource offers some questions to ask potential board members to help assess them for you board. Read More...
Posted on: February 28, 2013
Topics: Board

What should I know before joining the board?

Board members have important legal and fiduciary responsibilities that require a commitment of time, skill, and resources. Board Source provides a list of some basic questions prospective board members before joining a board.
Posted on: February 28, 2013
Topics: Board

Event Discounts

Members receive 40 - 50% discounts to events hosted by the Center. Events include:
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Posted on: February 14, 2013
Topics: Cost savings | Services

Five Factors That Enable Effective Board Leadership

Understanding the specific activities a board must undertake is important. But boards can get overly-focused on what to do and pay insufficient attention to the processes and relationships required for effective board functioning. Bridgespan proposes five factors that can enable effective board leadership.
Posted on: January 25, 2013
Topics: Board | Leadership

Roles and Responsibilities of Nonprofit Audit Committee Members

Source: Guidestar
The nonprofit sector is extremely diverse. Some organizations deal with hundreds of millions of dollars each year, whereas others' budgets are only in the thousands. But regardless of size and scope, one of the many commonalities that all nonprofits should be concerned with is corporate governance. In fact, many organizations still need to be convinced that they need audit committees. For organizations that are exploring the implementation of audit committees-or for those with active ones-it is extremely important to understand their roles and responsibilities.
Posted on: January 1, 2013
Topics: Finance | Board

Distinguishing a Board’s Steering and Rowing Work

Source: Nonprofit Quarterly
As described in the book Governance as Leadership: Reframing the Work of Nonprofit Boards, to govern comprehensively, boards work in three modes: fiduciary, strategic, and generative. To use a metaphor in which an organization is a boat, boards can make two distinct types of contributions: steering and rowing.
Posted on: January 30, 2012
Topics: Board | Board Roles & Responsibilities | Leadership

Best Practice Guide

​The Best Practice Guide provides a close look at practices organizations implement to build the capacity needed to achieve its mission.
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Posted on: April 24, 2007
Topics: Publications


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