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Swahili/Kinyarwanda-Speaking Refugee Nutrition Trainer

Building Community in NH

Building Community in New Hampshire, BCNH, is a private non-profit organization that provides post-resettlement services to refugees and former refugees. Our goal is to help new Americans become successful participants in their new community.  We were founded in 2009 as the Bhutanese Community of New Hampshire but changed our name and broadened our mission to serve all refugees in 2017.  BCNH remains an organization staffed primarily by refugees for refugees. 


The Swahili/Kinyarwanda-Speaking Refugee Nutrition Trainer will provide practical support to New Hampshire’s Congolese communities in Manchester and Nashua.  The trainer must be able to communicate with Congolese refugees in at least one of their languages, which may include Swahili, Kinyarwanda, Lingala, or Kirundi.  The trainer must also be able to communicate effectively in English. The trainer may serve refugees and immigrants from other parts of the world as well.

The trainer will be the key person in a three-year project to reduce childhood obesity among Congolese households.  The project is funded by a three-year grant from the NH Children’s Health Foundation.  BCNH and NH Cooperative Extension Service will train the trainer at the start of the job.  The trainer will report directly to BCNH’s executive director.

If the trainer seeks full-time employment, he or she may expand the trainer role into that of a BCNH refugee case manager who would also help refugees access social services, housing, medical care, educational opportunities, and employment.  The nutrition-trainer position requires working 17 hours per week, at $21 per hour.

BCNH is based in Manchester and has a satellite office in Nashua for the support of the Congolese and Rohingya communities there.  


The job requires an ability to deliver culturally and linguistically appropriate service to the Congolese community in New Hampshire.  Experience in nutrition, community health work, social work, or community service is desirable, but less important than a passion to help others succeed in America and strong problem-solving skills.  The trainer must have basic computer skills and experience with Microsoft Office.  The trainer must have access to a car for transporting clients to appointments and to attend meetings in Manchester.  The trainer must be fully vaccinated for COVID-19.

The nutrition trainer will provide his or her own cell phone for business uses, including connecting with clients. BCNH will provide the trainer a notebook computer and a desk in one of its offices.


The trainer will:

  • Introduce newly arrived refugees to American markets and cooking equipment, stressing where to buy healthy food and how to prepare it.
  • Train parents in their homes and in classrooms on how to maintain healthy diets for their children and themselves.
  • Ensure that the needs of the clients are assessed and met in a culturally and linguistically appropriate manner and thus become a welcome and trusted source of information and support. 
  • Train other refugee case managers in New Hampshire to be alert to food security issues and diet problems. The trainer will follow up on their requests for assistance.
  • Track all client interactions using our cloud-based client-management system.
How to Apply:

Please email a cover letter and resume to RIchad Minard at by January 24, 2022

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Date Added: January 3, 2022

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