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Technology Integrator & Digital Literacy Teacher

Dover Adult Learning Center

Dover Adult Learning Center of Strafford County helps adults in the Strafford County area enhance their skills and improve their lives through basic education, work force preparation, high school completion, and enrichment classes. We help our students become more effective lifelong learners, family & community members, workers, and citizens. Adult and youth seeking to learn find opportunity, self onfidene and move toward economic self-sufficiency.

The following principles guide Dover Adult Learning Center board of directors, volunteers and staff in all programs and activities:

1. We treat participants with respect; we value their opinions and take their personal goals, experiences, and needs into account.

2. We individualize instruction, building on participants' strengths and prior learning, as well as helping them fill in their educational gaps and advance their basic academic skills.

3. We remove barriers to participation by providing an accepting atmosphere and by offering, whenever possible, a variety of learning options, various locations, flexible schedules, free or affordable classes, and support services such as child care, counseling, volunteer tutors and career pathways advising.

4. We seek the development of each participant to his or her fullest potential, designing educational experiences to maximize each person's independence and to empower people to carry out their personal, family, and political responsibilities and to become as economically independent as possible.

5. We emphasize opportunities for the least educated adults in our community, providing educational services for the broader population when such services do not interfere with our primary emphasis.

Support teachers in the use of technology to support instruction and teach digital literacy skills to adults and youth. Part time postion in adult education.  Daytime availability required.

  • A.A. or A.S. degree in educational technology or related area, or equivalent experience. B.A. or B.S. preferred.
  • Knowledge of and experience with online learning, remote/hybrid instruction, instructional software and learning management systems.
  • Experience in teaching with technology; minimum three years.
  • Ability to work independently as well as collaboratively with colleagues.

Technology Integration (2-4 hours per week):

  • Assist teachers in choosing and using appropriate technology for their classes.
  • As needed, develop lessons with teachers that incorporate technology.
  • As needed, team teach with teachers to implement integrated technology lessons.
  • Provide professional development to teachers on technology integration and distance learning technologies.
  • Research new technologies appropriate for adult education.
  • Serve as Distance Learning Facilitator.
  • Serve as administrator for licensed instructional software.
  • Provide support for teachers’ use of local and state supplied online resources (Project Ideal, Google Applied Skills, NorthStar Digital Literacy, etc.)


Teaching (2-4 hours per week):

  • Establish supportive, encouraging relationship with students; Create a comfortable, supportive class atmosphere.
  • Assess needs for digital literacy among DALC student body.
  • In collaboration with Director, design 3-5 short (8-10 weeks, 2 hours per week) courses (beginning digital literacy, intermediate digital literacy, keyboarding) in accord with requirements of the Bureau of Adult Education (occupational contextualization, workplace preparation skills).
  • Develop and deliver a curriculum that is aligned with the CCRS; Adhere to the best practices defined in the Adult Education Teacher Competencies (LINCS).
  • Deliver classes in Rochester and Dover at a complementary time to other foundational skills and ESL classes.
  • Submit descriptions and schedules in a timely manner to main office for inclusion in catalog.
  • Promote digital literacy to foundational skills and ESL classes.
  • Be in attendance for all scheduled classes, or arrange for substitute teacher with the approval of the director; be on time to start students working promptly at the beginning of class.
  • Actively participate in professional development (at least 8 hours per school year); Refine instructional practices through reflection on experience, evidence, and data


Coordinate lab and laptop cart use (2 hours per week):

  • In collaboration with Director and Technology Coordinator, establish policies for lab use.
  • Meet with Volunteer Coordinator & proctors as needed for orientation to lab software and policies.
  • In collaboration with Technology Coordinator, ensure that everything is accessible and in working order for each class that begins and for computerized testing sessions.
  • In collaboration with Technology Coordinator, keep users informed of the availability of software and equipment in the lab and laptop cart.
  • Maintain general condition of the computer lab-furniture, supplies, signage order and neatness.



  • At the request of the Director, attend meetings in Concord re: software review for potential purchase & distribution by the State to each Center.
  • Attend monthly staff meetings.
  • Attend program coordinator meetings.
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Date Added: July 21, 2021

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