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LTS Service Coordinator

Granite State Independent Living

Granite State Independent Living (GSIL) is a statewide nonprofit organization whose mission is to promote quality of life with independence for people with disabilities and seniors.  As the state’s only Independent Living Center, we pride ourselves in being innovative leaders with the highest standards. Granite State Independent Living promotes quality of life with independence for people with disabilities and those experiencing the natural process of aging through advocacy, information, education, support and transition services. 

For more than 30 years Granite State Independent Living has been committed to excellence and model what we want to see in society; inclusion for all through the elimination of attitudinal and physical barriers. Through multiple programs we deliver services that allow people to navigate their lives and live as independently as they choose.



Purpose/general responsibilities:

Responsible for the overall delivery and quality of consumer care and services for consumer directed in home services. Promote the self-directed model of services through providing ongoing skills training and supportive informed decision-making support. Provide co -supervision and training of assigned attendant care employees (ACE), through providing information and support with the consumer as the supervisor. Develop care plans through assessment and provide on-going monitoring and coordination of services and support for the assigned consumers. Assist with the growth of the in-home care services through outreach and education provided to the community. Ensure compliance with the program rules and related state waivered regulations.

  • Meet and conduct all new consumer intakes assuring all policy and procedures are adhered to. Maintain ongoing communication with the involved consumer team.
  • Use a concurrent documentation (intake, care planning, 60 days, etc..) and person-centered process, engaging all key members of the team as directed by the consumer.
  • Accurately and timely completion of all required paperwork according to LTS policies and procedures.
  • Complete ongoing assessments for all consumers and create and adjust care plans according to their changing needs.
  • Keep and maintain accurate and quality records consistent with requirements of designated program. Organize and manage the required documentation and consumer visits in accordance with LTS policy and procedures.
  • Teach and provide skills training to consumers on how to direct their own care under the consumer directed service model. The ongoing skills training shall include but not be limited to: teaching using different methods, sharing and creating consumer specific tools as needed to best manage their services and workers. This may include supervision support of their ACE.
  • Facilitate the recruitment and onboarding process with the consumer and as directed by the consumer. To include but not limited, assistance with interviewing by being present, the coordination of the new hire paperwork, etc. working in collaboration with HR and Recruitment.
  • Provide training and develop tools in collaboration with the consumer to assist in training their ACE, this may include but not limited to providing hands on training in the home, teaching de-escalation techniques, and creating resources to assist with improving the skill set of their ACE.
  • Provide direct care services to consumers, who may possess an array of disabilities, (physical, mental health, behavioral), in the absence of the consumer’s ACE, on occasion and as needed.
  • Oversee and manage a variety of reports, relative to the successful management of services by the consumer, this may include Time & Attendance audits of ACE, Over time reports, etc.
  • Conduct and assist with coordination of providing mandatory and other ACE professional training opportunities.
  • Assist in the navigation of internal resources (payroll, HR, recruitment, etc.) on behalf of the consumer, providing ongoing skills training support to teach consumer how to access such resources.
  • Manage and oversee the hire and/or removal of the ACE in collaboration with the consumer to assure the quality and consumer satisfaction with their services.
  • Develop, monitor, and document in accordance with LTS policies and procedures consumer specific Support Plans to assist the person best manage their behavior, mental illness, and / or other related disabilities to successfully manage their own services.
  • Assist consumers with Nursing Facility Transitions, monitor status on an ongoing basis, a follow the documentation requirements of the program.
  • Actively participate in team meetings and seek out inter and intra-departmental expertise and support. Participate in relevant trainings and workshops.
  • Maintain timely and accurate communication with assigned supervisor.
  • Provide and support services that GSIL develops to enhance and complement the services to the consumers serviced (for example, technology).
  • Participate as assigned in LTS department continuous improvement efforts, such as participation on Quality Committee and/ or assist in projects that may be assigned for improvement.
  • Assist with outreach efforts to increase awareness of GSIL attendant care programs and other services offered by GSI, as requested.
  • Consult and maintain a positive working relationship with the case managers, managed care organizations, and other significant team members on behalf of the consumer supported.
  • Facilitate the natural supports for consumers and assist to engage them in the life of the consumer, as directed by the consumer.
  • Be a compassionate, patient and encouraging support professional always.
  • At all times, be respectful and mindful of the consumers’ preference to how their care is to be provided and support their values.
  • Conduct other duties as assigned that will increase options for persons with disabilities to live independently in their communities.
  • Work a flexible work schedule in accordance with the department needs (may include weekends and evening support – such as a training event).
  • Qualifications:

Bachelor’s Degree and/or 2 years minimum experience in the non-profit or for-profit healthcare or human service industry or commensurate mix of education and experience. Supervisory experience and LPN or LNA experience preferred. Must have a comfort and experience in directly supporting consumers for personal care needs. Must be comfortable and able to support consumers who may have an array of disabilities, to include but not limited to persons who may experience MH, TBI, and /or behavioral challenges as well as the ability to implement de-escalation techniques. Must possess a working knowledge and respect for person centered delivery of services and self-direction. Working knowledge of the needs of individuals living with disabilities and other chronic conditions. Strong marketing and customer service skills. Excellent verbal, written, organizational and interpersonal skills. Must possess the passion and demonstrate the values of GSIL. Candidate must pass all required background checks.

Granite State Independent Living is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

How to Apply:

To apply for this opportunity, please forward your resume to:

Job Location:

Concord Area

Date Added: July 20, 2021

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