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Harm Reduction Care Coordinator

NH Harm Reduction Coalition

Who We Are

The New Hampshire Harm Reduction Coalition (NHHRC) is committed to supporting efforts to reduce the negative consequences of substance use in NH. This includes the training, education and capacity building of all professional and lay people who come into frequent contact with people who use drugs, to reduce stigma and discrimination, improve access to care and support, and other efforts to reduce the negative consequences of substance use throughout the state and beyond. NHHRC sponsors and supports Syringe Service Programs throughout New Hampshire, also working to enhance the application of harm reduction principles in evidence-based practices across all health and social services sectors.


To promote compassionate care for people who use drugs through harm reduction by supporting syringe service programs (SSPs), utilizing best practices, and advocating for human rights.


Transform NH to embrace and empower people who use drugs.

Values and Objectives


• Set up and support for NH SSPs via training, technical assistance, funding opportunities, and data analysis

• Promote and expand harm reduction services, including syringe access


• Advance evidence-based practices and disseminate work

• Build alliances across sectors who serve people who use drugs

• Empower people who use drugs and their communities

Rights and Dignity:

• Advocate for harm reduction in policies that affect the lives of people who use drugs

• Encourage the voices of those with lived experience through self advocacy


Care Coordination Responsibilities: 

  • Regularly attend SSP outreach services in assigned geographical area and assist with set up/ breakdown of SSP location.

  • Monitor SSP facebook sites, answer participant calls and text messages, and serve as a contact person between scheduled outreach services.

  • Work one-on-one with interested SSP participants to support self-identified goals related to the improvement of personal safety, physical health, mental health, and overall well being. 

    • Provide harm reduction education on safer injection, overdose prevention, infection prevention,  vein care, transmission of infectious disease, safer sexual practices and reducing risks of overdose.

    • Provide connection to and follow up with appropriate community resources. 


  • Collaborate with community partners to support participant needs and develop new linkages to care and literature to address client needs.

  • Develop and maintain relationships with New Hampshire nonprofits, health care providers, treatment facilities, and other community based resources frequently accessed by SSP participants.

  • Partner with community organizations to reduce barriers that impede PWUD from accessing services.

  • Actively work to amplify the voices of people who use drugs in harm reduction and community spaces.

    • Responsible for exploring and implementing “Harm Reduction Advisory Committee” events in coordination with volunteers, board members, and the executive director. 

  • Respects and supports the bodily autonomy and personal determination of people who use drugs.

  • Adhere to all organizational policy, practices and procedures

  • Respect participants confidentiality and privacy 

  • Collaborate with NHHRC board members and Syringe Service Program (SSP) committee members to ensure that general SSP operating guidelines are followed 

  • Participate in program development to include policies and procedures that align with the mission and values of NHHRC

  • Ensure literature and handouts for area resources are consistently available and distributed

  • Assist in identifying potential funding sources

  • Serve as main point of contact for SSP Committee Members and NHHRC SSP Program Coordinator

  • Communicate program updates, concerns, and issues with NHHRC Board at monthly meetings or more urgently as needed for issues of possible volunteer or public safety, or legal issues 

  • Other duties as assigned to support the mission of NHHRC

  • Ensures that all paperwork and documentation is completed

This position is to provide Syring Service Program support and Care Coordination for Queen City Exchange in Manchester NH. Our NHHRC offices are located in Concord NH and so travel between Concord and Manchester is required. 

How to Apply:

Please send a resume to Please include in your email a brief summary of your interest in harm reduction. No cover letter is required at this time. 


Salary Range:


Job Location:

Manchester/Concord area

Date Added: July 19, 2021

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