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Comprehensive Nutrition Network Supervisor

Amoskeag Health

Amoskeag Health, formerly Manchester Community Health Center (MCHC), is a nonprofit 501(c) (3) federally qualified health center offering high-quality, comprehensive, and family-oriented primary health care and support services since 1993. Now known as The Dr. Selma Deitch Center for Children and Teens, Child Health Services (CHS) is the original pediatric practice of MCHC dedicated to improving the health and well-being of at-risk children. In June of 2019, all locations of MCHC consolidated under one name, Amoskeag Health.

Through all its programs, Amoskeag Health serves over 14,579 patients annually across four locations in Manchester.

To improve the health and well-being of our patients and the communities we serve by providing exceptional care and services that are accessible to all.

We envision a healthy and vibrant community with strong families and tight social fabric that ensures everyone has the tools they need to thrive and succeed.

Core Values
We believe in:
• Promoting wellness and empowering patients through education
• Fostering an environment of respect, integrity and caring where all people are treated equally with dignity and courtesy
• Providing exceptional, evidence-based and patient-centered care
• Removing barriers so that our patients achieve and maintain their best possible health

This health center receives HHS funding and has Federal Public Health Service (PHS) deemed status with respect to certain health or health-related claims, including medical malpractice claims, for itself and its covered individuals.

Primary care, preventive care, outreach and enabling services at Amoskeag Health are supported in part by the Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) under the Health Center Cluster grant number H80CS00571. This grant provides approximately 15% of total revenue.

The Nutrition Network Supervisor is responsible for insuring the Nutrition Network is providing pediatric dietician services that exemplify clinical best practices, family-centered and culturally competent services for Children and Youth with Special Healthcare Needs (CYSHCN) and are effectively coordinated with the Feeding and Swallowing Network. Reports directly to the Director of Special Medical Services at Amoskeag Health.

Masters level Registered and NH Licensed Dietitian with extensive experience (10 + years) serving CYSHCN. Extensive experience with: assessing clinical competencies of dietitians; supervising/coaching fellow dietitians; providing clinical support and constructive feedback to insure service delivery at the highest level of competency; collaborative models of healthcare; designing evidenced-based care practices; leading high functioning community-based/healthcare teams. Working knowledge of: healthcare organizational structures; designing and conducting quality assurance/continuous service improvement activities; developing and implementing competency-based trainings; HIPPA standards; ethical-based practice. Proven abilities with clear, concise written and verbal communication for a diversity of audiences including but not limited to: fellow dietitians; professionals from difference disciplines; parents with a range of reading levels; parent education materials; clients with LEP. Work history and references reflect exemplary professionalism with ethical practices, role clarity, etc.
 Nutrition Network Supervisor will oversee clinical activities of the Comprehensive Nutrition Network providers to insure all geographic areas are served and that the delivery of care that reflects current best practices for CYSHCN.

• Provides support/consultation to the Nutrition Network Intake and Referral Coordinator on children’s health, nutrition and growth criteria for program inclusion.

• Joins the NFS Administrative team with regularly reviewing and revising, the screening and triage tools for intake and referral, the on-going log documenting decisions made and outcomes of those decisions with regards to program candidacy, acceptance, and triage.
 • Participates in the recruitment, hiring and training new Nutrition Network Program providers as openings arise.
 • Checks in with CNN providers monthly to determine questions, needed resources, etc.
 • Insures CNN report templates and contents reflect current best practices for CYSHCN
 • As needed, provides clinical support to Pediatric Dietitians including: technical consultation to problem-solve challenging cases; strategies for healthy NFS team functioning; addressing any challenges with regional collaboration.
 • Oversees integration of Nutrition Standards into SMS Program Services by: Implementing SMS Nutrition Standards within all direct service programs through education and consultation to teams, clinical coordinators and consulting physicians.
 • Keeps abreast of pediatric nutrition products relevant to CYSHCN. Build relationships with product developers and suppliers and disseminates information to CNN and Healthcare Coordinators and DME providers, as indicated.
Jointly with the Feeding and Swallowing Program Manager and in close collaboration with the Nutrition Program Intake Coordinator:

•Regularly updates CNN provider handbook in close collaboration with the FSN provider handbook to insure uniform, program-wide standards of care and service implementation
 •Attendance at monthly NFS Administrative Team meetings
 •Collaboratively plans the Quarterly NFS Program Provider meetings
 •Develops and disseminates monthly Newsbites Newsletter
 •Designs a quality assurance and/or evaluation plan for each year of said contract:
Clarify the questions to be answered/area of practice to be addressed by the QA study and define the relevant criteria for sample selection. Develop the method to complete the evaluation process (e.g. instruments necessary for an audit process; structured interview; survey; etc.).  Establish timeframes for the implementation and completion of a quality assurance process/evaluation for each contract year. Gather, collate data and interpret data. Present outcomes to NFS Administrative Team to develop a Program Improvement Plan.
Community Outreach:
Collaborates with nutrition services at other State and community agencies (WIC, FCESS, Head Start, NICUs and SCN, DHMC, MGH, BCH, TUFTs) for effective triage of services, assure coordinated care and reduce duplicity.
Provides trainings, workshops and presentation to other agencies serving CYSHCN as requested and approved by the Director of Special Medical Programs at MCHC.
Submits log of monthly activities including the activity, hours worked to the Director of Special Medical Programs at MCHC.
Program Documentation:
Assumes primary role in documenting CNN annual report through close collaboration with the Nutrition Program Intake and Referral Coordinator and Feeding and Swallowing Program Manager.
Knowledge/Skills Abilities:
In addition, individual must possess the knowledge, skills and abilities or be able to explain and demonstrate that they can perform the primary functions of the job with or without reasonable accommodation using some other combination of skills and abilities and to possess the necessary physical requirements with or without the aid of mechanical devices to safely perform the primary functions of the job.
Physical requirements include ability to extend hand(s) and arm(s) in any direction; pick, pinch, type or otherwise work primarily with fingers; stand for sustained periods of time and move about on foot to accomplish tasks, raise objects from a lower to a higher position or move objects horizontally from position to position; apply pressure to an object with fingertips; sustain substantial movement of wrists, hands and/or fingertips.
 Ability to express or exchange ideas by means of the spoken word.
 Ability to receive detailed information through oral communication and make fine discrimination in sound.

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Date Added: September 10, 2019

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