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Camp Foss Executive Director

The Granite YMCA

As an equal opportunity employer, The Granite YMCA is committed to diversity and inclusion.  The Granite YMCA is a thriving $17M association with six branches—its service area includes 492,000 people, about 37 percent of the population in New Hampshire. The association started in 1854 with its first branch, the YMCA of Downtown Manchester, which offered programs for millworkers in the city. The Y has grown dramatically in both presence and impact in the last three decades. The association is particularly strong in child care with 22 sites, in camping with six major facilities, and in outreach programs with a history of serving at-risk youth within its regional footprint.

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The Granite YMCA Association Facts:

  • Mission Statement: The Granite YMCA creates a community where all are welcome and builds a healthy spirit, mind and body based on the values of caring, honesty, respect and responsibility.
  • Geographic Service Area: 492,000 people (about 37% of the state of NH) serving Greater Manchester, Strafford County and the Seacoast Area.
  • Staff: 127 full-time, including CEO; 543 part-time growing to 600+ in summer.
  • Direct reports to CEO: COO, VP Finance, VP Camping, VP of Community Development, Director of Data Management, Association Marketing Director, Association Membership Director and Executive Assistant.
  • Volunteer Leadership: 17 Board of Trustees and 70 Branch Advisory Board Members.
  • 1300 additional volunteers engage annually to help the Y achieve its mission.
  • Membership:  The YMCA at all of its branches has over 20,000 facility members and over 6,000 program members. Facility members consist of 52% youth, 42% adult and 6% senior; 30% receive financial assistance.
  • Finances/Reserves:  Annual operating budget: $17M.  Strong fiscal health with $2.2M in cash reserves with an endowment fund of $8.3M. Nine years of operating surpluses and contributions to reserves. Funding mix: membership – 25%, camp – 26%, childcare – 28%, recreation, sports and fitness – 12%, fundraising, grants and miscellaneous – 9%.
  • Annual Fundraising Campaign: Raised $427,000 in 2017 and $415,000 in 2018.
  • Capital Campaign:  Completed campaign May 2016 by raising $3.3M on goal of $2.9M. One additional campaign is under study for Camping Services.
  • Total Community Benefit: Provided $1.78M in financial assistance serving 23,000 individuals and families who received financial aid and/or free services in 2018.

YMCA Alliance of New Hampshire:

The YMCA Alliance of New Hampshire exists to ensure that the YMCAs in the state are viewed as leading organizations that strengthen communities through youth development, healthy living, and social responsibility. As part of the governance structure, all CEOs and executive directors of New Hampshire YMCAs serve as part of the Alliance and have a vote on all decisions. The Alliance is structured for maximum effectiveness and optimal support of NH YMCAs, and aims to have a central role in influencing public policy around issues central to Ys and raising the profile of the YMCA and its impact among the general public. More information is available about the YMCAs in New Hampshire at

The Granite YMCA Camp Foss is seeking an experienced and enthusiastic youth development professional with supervisory skills and overnight camp experience. The ideal candidate will have a minimum of 5 years administrative or supervisory experience in an organized camp setting and must meet ACA standard requirements.


Able to develop positive and effective working relationships with staff, campers, families, alumni, volunteers, camp board, and colleagues. Effectively lead groups, facilitate discussion, and train staff. Able to handle multiple projects and work in a fast paced environment.

Successful candidates will show expertise in the following core competencies:

Relationships: Builds authentic relationships in the service of enhancing individual and team performance.

Communication: Listens and expresses self effectively and in a manner that reflects a true understanding of the needs of the audience.

Developing Others: Recognizes and acts on the need to continually develop others' abilities to attain the highest level of performance.

Decision Making: Integrates logic, intuition and sound judgment to analyze information to identify greatest opportunities, make sound decisions, and solve problems.

Philanthropy: Leads a culture of philanthropy to assist in moving the mission of The YMCA forward.

Functional Expertise: Can lead by example in being a quality camp counselor that relates well to youth in an outdoor setting. 

  • Development and implementation of the budget each year.
  • Work with the assistant director, program director, staff development director in creating, implementing, and developing camp programs.
  • Define camp goals and plan programs to reflect the YMCA core values.
  • Work with the camp registrar to maintain positive and regular communication with camper families, staff members and alumni throughout the year through email campaigns, newsletters, phone calls and planned events.
  • Work with the Association Marketing Director on marketing strategies to continually increase camper registrations.
  • Work with the Camp Mi-Te-Na Executive Director in hosting user groups during the overnight camp rental season.
  • Offseason responsibilities include supporting the other branches of The Granite YMCA through training and leadership based on previous experience and individual skill set.
How to Apply:

This position is a full time, year-round Executive position that must live on-site in Strafford, NH (beginning in May and ending in October) at an all-girls overnight camp. Off season office is located in Manchester, NH. Salary is $48,000 - $52,000 based on experience. Applications and resumes will be accepted until October 11th. Please send all application materials to Thomas Archer, VP of Camping Services via email

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Date Added: August 27, 2019

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