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House Manager

Belknap House

Belknap House is a non-profit 501(c)(3) providing emergency shelter for families in Belknap County. Belknap House’s mission is to provide families in Belknap County a safe shelter, when children are especially at risk during homelessness, and to empower families to become self-sufficient and independent by providing opportunities of education and resources available to them.  In addition to having shelter, families will be supported in accessing community resources to build their capacity to be self-sufficient and economically secure.  

Supports are provided using a strength-based, Two-Generation approach – an approach that enhances the well-being and life opportunities of both parents and children. Services provided to the families while at Belknap House include case management, ensuring incremental progress in finding housing and employment as well as connection to a variety of other community resources to address social service needs, medical care, mental health and basic needs; life skills education, including time management, money management, organization; and individual and family short-term coaching. 

The House Manager ensures a safe environment and smooth operations of Belknap House, in compliance with the shelter’s goals, mission and vision. The administration of policies and procedures for house families, staff and volunteers. Recruitment of and maintaining staff and a volunteer base to meet the needs of Belknap House. Will be available every other weekend for on-call responsibility.

  • Excellent communication, organizational, and time-management skills.
  • Knowledge of and sensitivity to individual struggles and homelessness, poverty, substance misuse, mental illness and criminal records
  • Preferred- minimum 2 years’ experience in social service setting with families in crisis

House Families

  • Follow intake procedures for each family admitted
  • Maintain organized files for each family
  • Process and update Logic Model on each family
  • Administer drug and alcohol tests when necessary
  • Provide updated lists, policies and communications to each family
  • Provides support, encouragement and accountability to guests
  • Ensure each family is following policies and rules
  • Exit families whether voluntary or involuntary


Staff & Volunteers

  • Collaborates with Shelter staff and volunteers to implement house rules and procedures that encourage overall safety and security
  • Hires, recruits and screens staff and volunteer applicants
  • Orients and supervises staff and volunteers
  • Maintains a staff and volunteer schedule to meet the needs of Belknap House
  • Organize and prepare all task lists, project or job descriptions, and all materials needed for staff, volunteers and shelter families
  • Provide staff and volunteers appropriate instruction, regular check-ins, encouragement, support, and training.
  • Maintain volunteer database, files, and statistics; keep track of volunteer hours, unique skills and interests.
  • Maintains on-going communication with shelter staff and volunteers
  • Coordinate programs, compile and maintain program data for reporting and grant purposes



  • Introduce and maintain ongoing relationships with city and town welfare offices and other local agencies
  • Attend monthly LSDA meetings
  • Invoice city and towns weekly for house families or to house family themselves
  • Maintain accurate and timely collections from welfare offices and families
  • Maintain accurate records of petty cash
  • Coordinate donations with staff and volunteers
  • Provide reports as needed to Board and ED/Development
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Date Added: August 21, 2019

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