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Registered Nurse (RN)

Nashua Center

The Nashua Center provides supports and services to individuals of all ages that include, but are not limited to:

  • Finding and/or providing safe and caring places to live.
  • Developing and encouraging daily activities that are meaningful and fulfilling.
  • Initiating and promoting opportunities for social interaction and relationship building.
  • Teaching useful skills to increase independence.
  • Educating community members-at-large, employers, and organizations about differences in people.

This is a full-time position coordinating health care for men and women who have Developmental Disabilities or Acquired Brain Disorders. Must be able/have the desire to relate to people with disabilities.

Hours are Monday - Friday 9:00 am - 5:00 pm. No holidays or weekends.


Qualifications: Registered Nurse with at least 2 years experience. Must have a New Hampshire license.

Required Skills: Must be able/have the desire to relate to people with disabilities, ability to function effectively within a team structure. Must have strong advocacy skills, ability to work with diverse teams of people, possess excellent organizational and communication skills.


Job duties include but are not limited to:

  • Monitor and assure that the health care needs of the clients/residents are met.
  • Maintain residential and day habilitation medical records in accordance with certification standards.
  • Administer or monitor the administration of medication to clients/residents as needed.
  • Assure that medications and medical supplies are maintained in residences and Day Services program. Update medication sheets monthly.
  • Provide medication administration training to staff in accordance with state standards. Also provide other medical related training to staff that include, but are not limited to seizures, nutrition, OSHA regulations, hygiene, etc.
  • Assure that individuals receive proper medical care in a timely manner. This includes assuring that they have yearly physicals and see various specialists as needed. This will involve securing and working with various physicians/medical specialists and accompanying some individuals to appointments.
  • Make regular visits to all agency programs to develop a working relationship with staff/provider and individuals. Assist staff with individuals' care as needed when in programs/homes.
  • Do QA review in accordance with state regulations, of each residence/Day Services to assure medication logs and medication labels meet state regulation and Nashua Center standards.
  • Communicate with staff/parents/guardians/service coordinator concerning overall health and welfare of individuals on a regular and as needed basis
  • Review med errors and develop corrective action/disciplinary plan as needed.
How to Apply:

Please send your resume and cover letter to  Or for more information, please call Nancy Farrell at 603-883-6163 x28.

Salary Range:

55,000 to 60,000

Job Location:


Date Added: June 11, 2019

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