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Complex Care Network Coordinator

Manchester Community Health Center

Achieving better health outcomes, better patient care, and lowered costs through innovation and strong community partnerships.

Complex Care Network (CCN) provides tertiary level clinical consultation, education and/or recommendations and resources to health care coordinators, primary and specialty care providers, educators, therapists and families of NH children and youth with complex medical needs.

Required Activities of the Complex Care Network Coordinator shall include, but not be limited to the following:
Clinical Assessment:

1.Processing referrals, gathering appropriate health, developmental and educational information and scheduling for services. Triage referrals for most appropriate service within CCN, SMS, or other community services
2.Providing information and support to the family from the initial referral to discharge
3.Summarizing pertinent data to other team members prior to the evaluation.
4.Oversees preparation and integration of providers’ assessments and recommendations into a clinical report.
5.Assures accuracy, completeness and dissemination of final clinic reports
6.Monitors the follow-up of team recommendations.
7.Maintain client records and confidentiality.
8.Arrange for medical interpretation services when necessary.
Program Management:

1.Systematic organizing of the intake, scheduling and record keeping process including superbills, statistical and progress reports as required.
2.Supervising support staff to carry out delegated functions.
3.Oversight/tracking of consultations and educational activities of the team
4.Arranging for an appropriate facility for clinic and/or community consultation.
5.Facilitating consultation team and/or regional community team interaction at clinic and/or within the community.
6.Participate in program planning and Special Medical Services’ evaluation of Complex Care Network
7.Attendance at SMS Health Care Coordinator/Child Development Network meetings to update staff regarding the process and any changes relative to the triage, referral and evaluation and educational activities
Community Collaboration:

•Informing other community agencies and primary care providers throughout the state of the Complex Care Network philosophy and policies.
•Working with the consultation team and/or regional community teams to utilize community resources for children and families, knowledge of area resources.
•Assuring Complex Care Network representation in appropriate interagency planning groups.

1.Education/Training: Licensed Nurse, Social Worker or Educator with 5 + years’ experience.   Masters level preferred.

2.Experience:  5 + years’ experience

3.Knowledge/Skills:  Ability to work with children and youth with special health care needs and their families.

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Date Added: December 26, 2018

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