Clean Energy Fund

NH Community Development Finance Authority

NH Community Development Finance Authority has financing available for nonprofit energy efficiency and renewable energy projects through their Clean Energy Fund.

The cost of energy is an important cost of doing business. At CDFA, we know New Hampshire businesses and nonprofits want to be both cost efficient operators and good stewards of the environment.

Not every business, municipality, or nonprofit group can develop renewable energy technology or make their physical space more energy efficient on their own. The process requires advice from experts who can analyze a building and offer solutions for improvement. It also requires financing - and few banks are giving out loans for these kinds of projects.

CDFA will provide you with concierge-like service, making the Clean Energy Fund one-stop-shopping for navigating the process from design to financing to implementation.

Through the resources of our Clean Energy Fund, CDFA can offer affordable financing tools to help bridge the cost. Saving money on heating, cooling, and electricity creates stable institutions, which helps make our communities more vibrant places.

To learn more, visit CDFA's website or contact Joe Harrison via email at or by phone at (603) 717-9123.