Employment Law Hotline

McLane Middleton LogoEmployer and employee relations have become exceedingly sensitive and delicate in today’s legal climate.

Actions that once might have been dismissed as poor judgment or bad timing can now result in million-dollar lawsuits against employers. Managers, boards, and supervisors can no longer afford to make employment-related decisions without first considering the legal ramifications.

The NH Center for Nonprofits Employment Law Hotline aids in preventing members from being ill-prepared for legal actions and claims arising from wrongful termination, age discrimination, racial discrimination, sexual discrimination, and sexual harassment.

About the Hotline

The Employment Law Hotline is available as a service to members of the NH Center for Nonprofits. Members have direct access during normal business hours to the Hotline’s attorneys at McLane Middleton.

Qualified Hotline attorneys are available to answer your employment-related questions before you act. The Hotline attorneys will let you know if you are facing a potential liability issue and how best to proceed. They are able to provide sound legal advice on federal and state employment matters including those which involve Title VII, FMLA, ADA, Fair Labor Standards Act, wrongful termination, and age, sex, and race-based discrimination.

Is There a Fee?

The Hotline is available at no charge to NH Center for Nonprofits members and will provide up to a half hour of general legal advice per employment issue. McLane Middleton will keep confidential any information which it receives relative to the employment matter.