Welcome to the DEI Resource Center for NH Nonprofits

Nonprofit organizations in New Hampshire are seeking ways to address diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) in all types of mission-driven work.  Whether small or large, located in rural parts of the state or in urban centers, and across all sectors, from health and human services to the arts, NH nonprofits and their leaders are eager to better understand what it means to incorporate DEI as part of their work in the Granite State.  

There is a high level of awareness among nonprofit executives, board members, staff, and volunteers that paying attention to DEI is important.  Among 288 nonprofit leaders surveyed by the NH Center for Nonprofits in March 2021, 92% considered DEI important for their organizations.  The epic coronavirus pandemic, the hard-hitting economic distress it caused, the murder of George Floyd, one among several deaths of unarmed citizens during police encounters, and other events in 2020, exposed longstanding inequities within our society.  Protests for social justice worldwide and in cities and towns across New Hampshire challenged injustice.  

The nation’s climate and the expressed interest of its members have led the NH Center for Nonprofits to design an approach that assists nonprofits across the state of New Hampshire to cultivate the organizational capacity necessary to understand and integrate DEI concepts in ways that enhance their mission-driven work.  The DEI Resource Center is a new resource available to NH nonprofits as they orient themselves along their organizational journeys toward learning about and acting on their interest in addressing DEI.