Liz Chipman
Capital CFO+, LLC
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Board Governance / Development
Employee Development / Retention
Executive Coaching
Financial Management
Interim Directorship
Organizational Assessments
Strategic & Organizational Planning & Development
Succession / Transition Planning

As a consultant working with nonprofit organizations, I draw on 25 years of experience in the nonprofit sector. Always beginning with the end in mind, I believe it is my role to bring expertise and an unbiased, “outsider” perspective to reach your objectives, offer solutions, and manage change.

Since beginning my career in the nonprofit sector, I have worked in positions at all levels, from frontline program staff to executive director. I believe perspectives and experiences from all levels of an organization are valuable and can contribute in meaningful ways to solutions, planning, and implementation.  I understand the challenges that come with managing the multiple competing priorities that every nonprofit faces and believe in a collaborative approach to our work together, acting as a thought partner, facilitator and guide, always keeping mission, sustainability and social impact at the forefront. 

Keene Housing Kids Collaborative
Reference Name
Josh Meehan
Keene, NH
Description of Work Done
All areas of startup organizational development. Strategic planning, program development and implementation, Board recruitment, development and training. Fund development, grant writing. Lead Board through mission and vision development.
Community Alliance of Human Services
Reference Name
Susan Nooney
New London, NH
Description of Work Done
Interim Executive Director. Organizational assessment. Transition planning. Strategic Planning. Financial management, program assessment, sustainability planning.