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Emily Bass Strategies, LLC has a mission to empower individuals and organizations to reach their goals through executive coaching and organizational development strategies. 

My goal as a coach is to empower people to do what inspires them. My goal as a consultant is to empower organizations to do more of what they do.

What I do is support you as you share your vision and turn it into attainable, measurable goals.

How I do this is through purposeful questioning and reflective communication.

The value is forward momentum toward achieving your goals.

Please visit the website for details on services provided and try out a free introductory coaching session.

New England Disabled Sports
Reference Name
Kari Powers
Lincoln, NH
Description of Work Done
Emily was the driving force behind getting the program up and running for Loon. She molded a volunteer staff of varying abilities. Emily was an exceptional coach. What stands out is her passion and special ability to know how much to push each coach to learn and do their very best. She created a foundation of high standards for customer service and professionalism. Since Emily's time at Loon Mountain, I have watched her grow her skills and raise her own bar on education and training in philanthropy, nonprofit and professional coaching. Emily is one to get things done and make things happen. She is solution-focused and has a positive attitude to any challenges presented to her. I look forward to having her back in the area and using her talents in our organization.

Emily Bass will undeniably be an asset to the pool of consultants and coaches in the Northeast!
Ability Plus at Attitash
Reference Name
Beth Davis
Bartlett, NH
Description of Work Done
Emily brought a wealth of knowledge and personal enthusiasm to our organization. She worked with all our stakeholders, strengthening relations among partners. I myself learned from Emily previously in her other leadership roles and consider her leadership style a model for my own. What stands out about Emily is her ability to communicate clearly and her contagious energy that makes those around her believe anything is possible. New Hampshire nonprofits are fortunate to have her expertise back in the state and I am personally excited for her transition to executive coaching because that role has Emily Bass written all over it.

I highly recommend Emily Bass Strategies, LLC as a consulting service for any type of leadership and organizational development consulting work.