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Executive Director

New Hampshire Progress Alliance


To build a permanent and powerful progressive movement in New Hampshire supported by a network of committed member investors.


A New Hampshire that is a healthy, just place to live, with shared economic success and a democracy that works for all.

Our theory of change is that consistent electoral victories and policy advances require sustained, strategic investment in four areas:

  • Defending voting rights, 

  • Engaging and expanding the electorate, 

  • Creating a strong bench of community activists and leaders, and 

  • Driving effective communications. 

We invest in these four priorities through multi-year grants and rapid response funding. Our staff is an active partner with all grantees, participates in coalitions across the state, and constantly evaluates opportunities for new and expanded programs. 


New Hampshire Progress Alliance and our affiliated 501c3, New Hampshire Democracy Fund, have a combined budget of $1.75M and support 15+ grantees. Though our model of political philanthropy is unique in New Hampshire, we are one of more than 35 state- based donor alliances and collaborate with colleagues from across the country.

We are a hands-on, results-driven operation that expands existing capacity and pushes boundaries with new capacity. Our staff works closely with partners to create strong proposals, implement effective programs, adjust to changing circumstances, and build coalitions. Our board is deeply involved with strategic planning and assists with development and administration.

We leverage our grant-making dollars at multiple levels. We work to ensure alignment across our investment portfolio to maximize performance and reduce duplication and inconsistency. We bring new resources to the state and provide technical support to our grantees.

Smart, sustained programming enables us and our partners to achieve victories against steep political odds. Recent achievements include the launch of a hard-hitting research and communications hub, statewide success in local elections, the defeat of numerous voter suppression measures, and saving our two Congressional districts from extreme gerrymandering.


We are committed to expanding and strengthening our connections with New Hampshire’s BIPOC communities and leaders and to help build alliances across race and place to serve all Granite Staters. The initial race justice landscape assessment we conducted in 2021 has led to new and deepened relationships with BIPOC leaders and increased investment in community-led organizing. Our standing Race Justice Committee leads support of diversity, equity, and inclusion through programming and outreach to build a larger and more representative Progress Alliance community.


We are a high-functioning, mission-driven team of three staff (including the ED) and 12 active board members with a culture of transparency and close collaboration. We bring courage, aspiration, and an entrepreneurial spirit to our work.


Home to the First in the Nation Primary and the smallest battleground state, New Hampshire has an outsized influence beyond its borders and contends with a boom-and-bust cycle of national attention. Its shade of purple is a mix of blue federal results and red state results, outcomes driven by a tradition of ticket-splitting and the dominance of Independents who account for 40% of the electorate.

Although New Hampshire is one of the oldest and whitest states in the country, people of color are the fastest growing demographic. Though large sections of the state are still sparsely populated, urban centers are becoming more vibrant. These changes create opportunities to shift the balance of power in New Hampshire’s 400-member House of Representatives and counter the growing radicalization of its legislative agenda.


New Hampshire Progress Alliance seeks a talented and aspirational leader to become our next ED. 

We are a five-year-old donor network with an impressive track record of fighting for voting rights, engaging the electorate, creating a solid bench of community activists, and driving effective messaging and communications.

Similar to other states, New Hampshire faces formidable threats to its democratic institutions and ideals. In response, we are committed to becoming an even more powerful force for sustained electoral and policy wins. We aim to double our grantmaking over the next three to five years, engage new and diverse donors, and strengthen our national presence. Our new ED will bring strong management abilities, proven fundraising and communications skills, and political experience to this position.

Join us in creating solutions at the scale of the challenges we face. Read the full announcement here:


Ideal Candidate Profile 

We welcome candidates who have a demonstrated personal and professional commitment to our progressive, pro-democracy mission, who believe in the power of collective action, and who possess many of the following key qualifications:


  • Skilled at moving from vision to strategy, action, and shared ownership of results.

  • Proficient at leading planning processes and engaging stakeholders.

  • Adept at thinking outside of existing frameworks and setting goals over multiple time horizons.


  • Track record of building relationships with major donors and expanding donor networks.

  • Familiarity with fundraising for 501(c)3 and/or 501(c)4 organizations.

  • Strong writing skills and ability to tell a compelling story.


  • Direct experience with issue and/or electoral efforts, such as civic engagement, organizing, mobilizing, or political campaigns.

  • Commitment to building power through racial justice, political, and progressive movements.

  • Ability to engage a diverse coalition of grantees and partners in shaping and executing winning programs.


  • Experience creating a foundation of trust to support broad and diverse networks and coalitions.

  • Able to give and receive critical feedback, balance perspectives and convictions across stakeholders, and create a culture of achievement.

  • Open to innovation and experimentation.


  • Able to listen well, support staff development, and build strong teams.

  • Excited to engage an active board in furthering the organization’s mission.

  • Successful at achieving growth while maintaining organizational stability.

Experience working in New Hampshire or a state/ region with similar demographics and political attributes is a plus but not essential.


Essential Duties of ED Role

We aim to achieve significant growth in programs, staffing, funding, and results over the next three to five years. We anticipate that our next ED will lead us in four crucial areas:


  • Ensure that priorities reflect the organization’s mission, vision, and values.

  • Work with the staff and board to establish ambitious goals, set a course of action, and engage grantees and partners in executing synergistic and successful strategies.

  • Create operational plans that meet annual and long-term program and policy goals.


  • Establish strong relationships with current members, attract new members, and oversee member stewardship activities.

  • Develop inspiring and effective presentations and materials.

  • Build connections with regional and national funders.


  • Collaborate with staff to generate and manage high-return grants and programs.

  • Apply rigorous, analytical criteria to investments, deliverables, and measurement of outcomes.

  • Oversee technical assistance programs for grantees.


  • Lead by example and support a high-performing and rewarding team culture.

  • Recruit and retain talented and motivated staff members.

  • Supervise operations, including financial management, legal compliance, board and staff development, and human resources.

The ED reports to the 501(c)3 and 501(c)4 Boards

How to Apply:

Online applications only, please no email or paper submissions. You will be asked to upload a cover letter and resume. In your cover letter, please briefly describe how this opportunity aligns with your experience, interests, and values.

All applications will be acknowledged via an email receipt. Applications will be reviewed upon receipt; screening interviews will begin immediately. Those interested in the position should apply as soon as possible. Candidates who advance during the hiring process will be compensated for time spent preparing materials and for travel expenses.

Salary Type: Yearly
Salary Minimum: 120000.00
Salary Maximum 160000.00
Job Location:


Date Added: July 27, 2022

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