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Outreach Services Coordinator

Concord Coalition to End Homelessness

The Concord Coalition to End Homelessness (CCEH) is a non-profit organization, formed in 2008, that works to eliminate the causes of homelessness in the greater Concord, NH community.  CCEH operates four main programs: (1) “Housing First Concord,” which provides permanent supportive housing to chronically homeless individuals; (2) the Concord Homeless Resource Center; (3) The Emergency Winter Shelter which operates December thru March; and (4) Green Street Apartments. CCEH is also the lead entity implementing Concord’s Plan to End Homelessness, working to bring together the community stakeholders and resources for solutions to end homelessness to Concord.  

The Outreach Services Coordinator (OSC) is a newly created position that will work as part of CCEH’s team to help end homelessness in Concord. The OSC will facilitate CCEH’s efforts to ensure that all persons experiencing homelessness in Concord are accurately entered into the “Coordinated Entry” system and connected with housing opportunities and other appropriate services. The position involves outreach to encampments as well as intensive collaboration with other local agencies that conduct street outreach or provide services to people experiencing homelessness

Minimum Qualifications 

  • Associate’s Degree in related field. 

  • Minimum one year’s experience in outreach or case management related to people experiencing homelessness or other vulnerable populations.  

  • Certification in de-escalation or crisis management programs such as Nonviolent Crisis Intervention, Crisis Prevention and Intervention Training, MOAB, etc., is preferred. 

  • Walk and/or stand up of 30 minutes at a time. 

  • Computer proficiency in Microsoft Windows and Office products, email, internet and other relevant software. 

  • Data management software experience, particularly with HMIS, is preferred. 

  • NH Driver’s License with an acceptable driving record and reliable transportation. 

  • Commitment to supporting equity and diversity in the workplace


Essential Functions: 

  • Conduct regular outreach to homeless encampments or other locations in the Concord area (such as the Friendly Kitchen) to actively engage with people experiencing homelessness, build trust, and connect people to services at CCEH’s homeless Resource Center or other appropriate agencies, using a “warm hand-off” approach. (Outreach is always conducted with a second outreach worker, either from CCEH or from another agency.) 

  • Conduct intake and assessments of individuals at encampments and enter this data into the “Coordinated Entry” Homeless Management Information System (HMIS) database. This is a statewide database which places people on a regional homeless “Prioritization List.” 

  • Facilitate CCEH’s efforts to coordinate with all other local agencies that conduct outreach in order to increase effectiveness, efficiency and coverage, and ensure that the Prioritization List is accurate and up-to-date. 

  • Collaborate with other local agencies that routinely engage with people experiencing homelessness to ensure that anyone experiencing homelessness is included on the Prioritization List. 

  • Facilitate CCEH’s efforts to collaborate with other agencies on effective, housing-focused, “case conferencing” to connect people from the Prioritization List to housing opportunities and other support services as needed. 


Other Responsibilities 

  • Work as an integral part of the CCEH team to maintain a safe and welcoming environment and provide “assistance with dignity” to all guests at CCEH’s Resource Center. 

  • Represent CCEH within the community at appropriate events and create positive relationships with community partners and the general public. 

  • Participate in staff meetings. 

  • Other duties as assigned. 

In the course of performing the duties of the Outreach Services Coordinator, it is possible to encounter persons who are: under the influence of various substances; suffering from a heightened mental health crisis; in conflict with the law; involved with sex work or drug trade, using profane or abusive language; and/or other situations that may be unsettling. Measures are taken to train staff to appropriately deal with these situations, but those in the position should reasonably expect these types of things to occur within the population being served.


Core Competencies 

  • Integrity and Trust:  Is widely trusted; practices direct, honest, and transparent communications; maintains confidentiality; admits mistakes; responds to situations with consistency and reliability; is authentic. 

  • Interpersonal Relationships:  Relates well to all kinds of people; builds appropriate rapport; builds constructive and effective relationships; considers the impact of his/her actions on others; uses diplomacy and tact; helps others save face in difficult situations; is easy to approach and talk to; avoids communication triangles. 

  • Team Orientation:  Demonstrates interest, skill and success in team environments; promotes group goals ahead of personal ones; is a resource to other members of the team; understands and supports the importance of teamwork and takes responsibility for his/her part in the success or challenges of the team. 

  • Composure:  Is cool under pressure; does not become defensive or irritated when times are challenging; is considered mature; can be counted on to hold things together during challenging times; can handle stress; is not knocked off balance by the unexpected; doesn’t show frustration when resisted or blocked; is a settling influence in a crisis. 

  • Problem Solving: Uses rigorous logic and methods to solve difficult problems with effective solutions; probes all fruitful sources for answers; can see hidden problems; is excellent at honest analysis and looks beyond the obvious and doesn’t stop at the first answers. 

  • Time Management:  Uses his/her time effectively and efficiently; values time; concentrates his/her efforts on the more important priorities; can attend to a broader range of activities. 

  • Self-starting Ability: Able to find his/her own motivation for accomplishing a task, and  maintain course in the face of adversity. 

  • Self-Knowledge: Knows personal strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and limits; seeks feedback; gains insight from mistakes; is open to criticism; isn’t defensive; is receptive to talking about shortcomings; looks forward to balanced performance reviews and career decisions. 

  • Written and Oral Communication:  Is able to write clearly and succinctly in a variety of communication settings and styles; expresses himself/herself clearly in conversation and interactions with others; summarizes or paraphrases his/her understanding of what others have said to verify understanding and prevent miscommunication. 

  • Flexibility:  Is open to different and new ways of doing things; can shift gears comfortably; able to see the merits of perspectives other than his/her own; demonstrates openness to new organizational structures, procedures, and technology; switches to a different strategy when an initially selected one is unsuccessful; can decide and act without having the total picture. 

How to Apply:

Please contact Mark Fagan at Please send a resume and letter of interest.

Thank you.

Salary Range:

$17 to $19 per hour

Job Location:


Date Added: July 19, 2021

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