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President & CEO

Greater Nashua Chamber of Commerce

The Greater Nashua Chamber of Commerce is a non-profit, 501-c-6 organization, dedicated to advocating policies on behalf of southern New Hampshire’s business community that benefit the overall business climate while also improving greater Nashua’s quality of life.

General Description of Position

Leader of a diverse member driven business advocacy organization focused on providing a wide variety of services to its membership. Responsible for creating a business and operational plan to achieve the strategic goals identified through the joint efforts of the Chamber’s leadership, professional staff and the membership at large. The position is accountable and responsible to the Chamber’s Board of Directors and Executive Committee and is responsible for the administration of the professional staff.


As the organization’s chief executive, the President is responsible for the creation of a portfolio of services and programs which will retain existing members and foster the growth of the membership base. Requirements include a commitment to active engagement in the public policy arena as a representative of businesses in the greater Nashua region. Advocates for a regulatory and tax environment that encourages vibrant and strong business growth. Duties include continuous review and updates (as warranted) to the services and initiatives undertaken by the Chamber. 




• Is able to represent the Chamber in a professional manner;

• Is a respected community leader who members trust to work effectively on their behalf;

• Is able to speak the truth to power; and

• Is able to cultivate relationships with influencers who we don't need something from immediately

Organizational and Management Skills

• Has the necessary business and financial acumen to effectively manage the budget and ensure strong financial performance for the organization;

• Can prioritize, multi-task short-term and long-term goals;

• Is able to manage and motivate staff;

• Is a creative thinker but also able to manage day to day operations with attention to detail; and

• Is able to build a team and delegate appropriately.

Communication skills

• Outstanding verbal and written communication skills, interpersonal skills, and a dynamic personality; and

• Demonstrated ability to influence others appropriately.


• Is able to articulate a vision for the future of the Chamber and the city’s business community;

• Is able to scan the public policy environment, anticipate future opportunities and develop a plan to position the organization and its members for success;

• Has a commitment to the future economic and cultural success of the greater Nashua community; and

• Has an understanding of the need to continually do behind the scenes work on key macro issues for the community.

Member experience and retention

• Is able to make connections for members / anticipate opportunities for members that they are not aware of; and

• Has a demonstrated customer service focus.

General community

• Is willing to provide assistance to non-members, consistent with the organizations goals; and

• Is able to support the overall vibrancy of the community.

Conditions of Employment

• Full-time, salaried position;

• Serves at the will of the Chamber’s leadership;

• Requires flexible work hours, with early morning, evening, and weekend time commitments regularly.

Experience and Education:

• Bachelor’s degree in Political Science, Business Administration or the equivalent.

• Eight to ten years of related experience.


Specific duties include, but are not limited to:

Organizational Growth and Management

• Develops and directs a plan to achieve sustainable membership growth and retention; and

• Provides leadership to a growing and evolving organization.

Member Services

• Develops and directs programming and promotional services that engage and benefit all sectors of the diverse membership;

• Oversees the development and execution of a plan to secure sponsorships for Chamber events and initiatives; and

• Remains available and responsive to all members of the Chamber.


• Manages the organization’s professional staff and sets performance targets for staff members;

• Develops and executes, in conjunction with the Chamber’s leadership, a budget plan that ensures the financial sustainability and growth of the Chamber;

• Directs development and execution of programs to achieve identified goals;

• Determines the allocation of staff resources to achieve organizational goals;

• Responsible for authorizing all contracts and legal documents and acting as the organization’s legal agent as directed by the Board of Directors; and

• Serves as the liaison between the Chamber’s board and professional staff.

Advocacy and External Relations

• Monitors the local, state and federal public policy environment and develops appropriate strategies to position the Chamber and its membership in a position to take advantage of opportunities to improve the local business climate;

• Maintains a non-partisan approach in advocacy efforts and develops strong working relationships with legislators, regardless of their political party affiliations;

• Works to build consensus of opinion across political party lines in order to effectively influence public policy;

• Manages the public policy and economic development mission of the Chamber at the local, state and federal levels as appropriate;

• Work collaboratively with The Chamber’s Advocacy Committee, its chair, and our representatives at the lobbyist of record;

• Advocates effectively at the local and state level; and

• Develops, in conjunction with the Advocacy Committee of the Board of Directors, messaging related to the promotion of the Chamber’s unique role as an economic development organization, public policy advocate and member representative.

Required Skills and Abilities

• Ability to lead and manage a professional staff with diverse responsibilities;

• Knowledge of the nature of Chamber of Commerce services;

• Experience in direct public policy and government relations advocacy and management of an advocacy program at the state and local levels;

• Experience building and leading issue and advocacy business related coalitions for business groups;

• Ability to work closely with and complement the efforts of a volunteer organization;

• Outstanding written and oral communication skills; and

• Demonstrated ability to anticipate circumstances that will impact public policy and develop effective strategies to capitalize on those circumstances.

How to Apply:

All submissions for consideration should include a cover letter, resume, and salary requirements, along with  the answers to the candidate questions (below) and should be sent to 

Call  (603) 882-9080 x 2204 if you have any questions

Candidate Questions:

How many years of relevant experience do you have?
What is the highest level of education you have completed?
How is your previous experience relevant to this role?
Why are you interested in this job?

Job Location:


Date Added: February 2, 2021

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