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Transportation Coordinator/Lead Driver

Granite State Independent Living

Granite State Independent Living (GSIL) is a statewide nonprofit organization whose mission is to promote quality of life with independence for people with disabilities and seniors.  As the state’s only Independent Living Center, we pride ourselves in being innovative leaders with the highest standards. Granite State Independent Living promotes quality of life with independence for people with disabilities and those experiencing the natural process of aging through advocacy, information, education, support and transition services. 

For more than 30 years Granite State Independent Living has been committed to excellence and model what we want to see in society; inclusion for all through the elimination of attitudinal and physical barriers. Through multiple programs we deliver services that allow people to navigate their lives and live as independently as they choose.



In this role the candidate will assist with field supervision and training of accessible transportation drivers, as well as providing required trainings and to coordinate preventive maintenance functions on GSIL vehicles with consultation of the Transportation Services Manager.  To provide office support in addition to serving as the Lead Driver. To provide Independent Living Services Coordination to GSIL Transportation consumers.


• Work with Transportation Services Manager to oversee pre-trip inspections, operations, and work habits of accessible transportation drivers to ensure reliability of the fleet and driver performance. 
• Work with Transportation Services Manager to ensure driver adherence to safety and performance when operating an agency vehicle.
• Work with Transportation Services Manager to ensure the training of drivers in vehicle operations and wheelchair securement procedures.  Ensure drivers perform within agency guidelines and operating procedures.  Train drivers on pre-trip vehicle inspections and required trip reporting.
• Assist Transportation Services Manager in driver recruitment, driving assessments, new driver orientation, annual and periodic driver performance reviews.
• Provide guidance to GSIL drivers during field operations and major transportation activities.
• Provide Transportation Services Manager with information regarding road conditions and potential problems with operations activities in order to determine plan for alternative transportation services delivery.
• In cooperation with the Transportation Services Manager, handle communications regarding all types of GSIL transportation requests.
• As requested by the Transportation Services Manager, schedule vehicles for preventive maintenance and repairs including recordkeeping of all repairs and routine maintenance.   Responsible for fleet condition and appearance.

• Coordinate the Transportation Reimbursement Program (TRP), including consumer contacts, preparing, and tracking paperwork, and submitting final requests for accounts payable.  As needed, provide Service Coordination to transportation-only consumers to ensure paperwork and eligibility is completed and understood.
• Prepare billing sheets to ensure the accurate and timely invoicing of funding sources including fee for service and Medicaid.
• Assist with the preparation and timely submission of internal and external programmatic reporting.
• Act as backup to Transportation Services Manager for dispatching drivers and vehicles. 
• Act as backup to Transportation Services Manager for Medicaid Non-Emergency Transportation Program, including vendor relations and appropriate bidding on transportation requests.
• Assist Transportation Services Manager as requested to ensure consistent program operations; assist in maintenance and growth of the Transportation Program.
• Meet all requirements of; and act as an Accessible Transportation Van Driver as needed. 
Maintain proper licensing, training certifications, and medical qualifications as required including defensive driving, passenger assistance and emergency evacuation.
Pickup, secure, and transport consumers to and from appointments and activities.  Assist consumers with ground transport door-to-door, including assisting with outer garments as needed. 
Complete and submit trip logs, vehicle inspections reports, expense sheets and other documents in a timely fashion. 
• Perform Independent Living Services Coordination by providing direct services to consumers to verify and maintain eligibility for transportation programs, including program renewal and documentation. 

Other Responsibilities

• Participate in general GSIL events and activities.
• Must maintain all the training information and materials to qualify as a trainer.
• Maintain professional knowledge/skills by reviewing professional literature and attending trainings/workshops.
• Support and uphold GSIL policies and procedures, workplace regulations and safety practices.
• Share newsworthy information appropriately throughout the organization.
• Conduct other duties as assigned that will increase options for persons with disabilities to live independently in their communities.


High school diploma or GED and minimum of two years-experience as a driver in passenger transportation. Valid NH drivers’ license, clean driving record, and clean criminal background check.  Physical strength and agility to perform the requirements of the job including vehicle operations, pushing wheelchairs, assisting individuals with entering and exiting vehicles and securing wheelchairs, scooters and passengers.  Knowledge of federal and state laws.  Working knowledge of New Hampshire highway system.

*Physical /Mental Demands

Physical strength and agility to perform the requirements of the job including vehicle operations, pushing wheelchairs, assisting individuals with entering and exiting vehicles and securing wheelchairs, scooters, and passengers.  This position requires the ability to express or exchange ideas and to comprehend and present detailed and critical information including but not limited to financial information.   Exceptional judgment and creativity are regularly required to evaluate results and make decisions.

Reasonable accommodations will be made available to assist persons with disabilities to perform the essential functions.

Granite State Independent Living is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

How to Apply:

To apply for this opportunity, please forward your resume and cover letter to:


Job Location:

Concord area

Date Added: October 6, 2020

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