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Staff Nurse

Amoskeag Health

Amoskeag Health, formerly Manchester Community Health Center (MCHC), is a nonprofit 501(c) (3) federally qualified health center offering high-quality, comprehensive, and family-oriented primary health care and support services since 1993. Now known as The Dr. Selma Deitch Center for Children and Teens, Child Health Services (CHS) is the original pediatric practice of MCHC dedicated to improving the health and well-being of at-risk children. In June of 2019, all locations of MCHC consolidated under one name, Amoskeag Health.

Through all its programs, Amoskeag Health serves over 14,579 patients annually across four locations in Manchester.

To improve the health and well-being of our patients and the communities we serve by providing exceptional care and services that are accessible to all.

We envision a healthy and vibrant community with strong families and tight social fabric that ensures everyone has the tools they need to thrive and succeed.

Core Values
We believe in:
• Promoting wellness and empowering patients through education
• Fostering an environment of respect, integrity and caring where all people are treated equally with dignity and courtesy
• Providing exceptional, evidence-based and patient-centered care
• Removing barriers so that our patients achieve and maintain their best possible health

This health center receives HHS funding and has Federal Public Health Service (PHS) deemed status with respect to certain health or health-related claims, including medical malpractice claims, for itself and its covered individuals.

Primary care, preventive care, outreach and enabling services at Amoskeag Health are supported in part by the Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) under the Health Center Cluster grant number H80CS00571. This grant provides approximately 15% of total revenue.

The Staff Nurse assumes responsibility for nursing duties at Amoskeag Health. S/he triages all telephone calls and walk-in patients with medical questions/concerns. This position is also cross-trained with the Team Nurse position and Perinatal Care Nurse, and will rotate through that job on a regular recurring basis to keep skills current (see “Secondary Duties”).

Responsibilities and Authorities:

•Assess patient's need for treatment or advice via telephone call or personal encounter (walk-in). Consults with provider whenever necessary in order to advise patient of most appropriate action; reinforce provider plan of care.
•Determine, based on patient need, if patient needs to be seen by a provider and how quickly. Promote continuity of care within limits of staffing availability. Schedule urgent appointments appropriately.
•Respond to patient calls within a timely manner. Document all calls/visits; maintain accurate notes on telephone message and attach to progress note in patient's chart. All documentation in a patient's medical record must be complete. If care is not documented it is not valid.

Secondary (Cross training):
•Meet with providers on a regular basis and work jointly to establish expectations for how team issues will be managed, such as scheduling, forms and refill issues.
•Integrate health teaching into daily clinical routines, including appropriate information on health maintenance and disease management, for all ages, during each patient encounter.
•In case of patient referral to another facility, coordinate care with appropriate staff at the other facility (Mental Health Center, Emergency Department, VNA, etc)
•Prepare prescription refills (via pharmacy line; patient calls/visits) and necessary vouchers, when indicated. Chart all refills and updates as needed.
•Maintain Nurse Visit schedule: responsible for attending to scheduled nurse visits and documenting care in Logician. Visit reasons may include Depo-Provera, B-12 or other injections, Medication Review, PT/INR dose changes, on-site assessment of acutely ill patients, weights for babies with failure to thrive, repeat BP checks, immunizations, NST’s or other reasons.
•Assist with non-scheduled nursing needs during/throughout the shift. These requests vary from assistance with ECG’s, meeting with patients who have walked in for a free pregnancy test, starting a patient on an NST machine, stabilizing an acutely ill patient until the ambulance arrives, administering a nebulizer treatment, starting an IV (if trained to do so).
•Work cooperatively with team-mates to monitor the schedule and keep the flow of patients moving. From time to time this may require assisting the MA with immunizations or rooming patients. Vice versa, this may mean the MA’s may need to assist the nurse with call volume or other needs.
•Assist with the processing of various patient paperwork. The nurse should prepare as many components as possible before handing off to the provider. Samples of patient paperwork are disability forms, handicap sticker requests, authorizations for wheelchairs and other assistive devices, letters to return to work, PE and Immune report requests. This list is not all inclusive.
•All nurses are responsible to maintain their office space and to clean up after themselves if they have used an exam room, any medical equipment or instruments. Nurses will assist in pulling out full sharps dispensers and will replace those and other stock as needed.
•Opening and Closing duties, Lunch coverage: There are duties responsible to the particular nurse who is covering at various times during the day. The specific duties are listed in our protocols. Each nurse is responsible for specific duties based on the shift they are working that day.
•Continually update personal, clinical and professional knowledge and skills through formal and informal educational experience. Comply with state continuing education laws.
•Become aware of and currently updated regarding community resources that would assist our patients.
•Actively participate in policy/protocol development for the clinical setting.
•Attend and participates in MCHC meetings as directed. If absent, responsible for reading minutes of meetings and signing the documentation.
•Attend mandatory safety-related, infection control in-services as designated by the Senior Management Team.
•Maintain licensure for RN/LPN status by ongoing professional education; maintain professional development.
•Sensitivity to cultural diversity of population being served. Maintain patient age-related competence.
•Other responsibilities as assigned by supervisor.
•Must be able to tolerate latex exposure from vaccine vials as well as tolerate perfumed oils, and other perfumed products.

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Date Added: February 14, 2020

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