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Executive Director

Center for the Arts

The Center for the Arts: Lake Sunapee Region is a volunteer based 501(c)3 non-profit organization supporting the artists, performers, writers, students, and arts organizations in the twelve communities in our region, while also serving the 27,000 residents of these communities by offering much needed free and low-cost cultural programming. 

The demographics of these twelve towns in rural New Hampshire vary from town to town in household income, age distribution, and access to the arts, with two towns
exceeding the average for income below the poverty line, six towns exceeding the average for population under 18, and five towns exceeding the average for population over 65.

Before the creation of The Center for the Arts, there was no centrally located cultural organization which offered free and low-cost arts programs and educational opportunities, nor was there an organization which supported the many creative individuals, students, and organizations in this region.

One of our programs, "First Fridays", are free monthly events which make the arts accessible to all incomes and ages and provide a welcoming atmosphere for residents to view, participate and explore the arts. We offer an opportunity for regional arts organizations, artists, and performers to participate, showcase, and expose their work to new people, drawing on a cross section of these towns to build a larger enriched community. 

Through other services and projects throughout the year, we support the creative community that surrounds us and bring the arts to the broader community: a bi-monthly E-calendar of cultural events; a website which acts as a resource to artists, residents, and visitors; classes and workshops; scholarships for students; grants for teachers, MicroGallery exhibits; Summer Art shows;  the Winter Performing Arts Series, The Literary Speaker Series; Open Studios Weekend; and other collaborative events.

OUR MISSION:   “Enriching lives and building community through the arts.”


How do we do this? 


  • Showcasing existing arts organizations and artists through our First Fridays Programs and Arts Shows throughout the year
  • Offering creative educational opportunities for adults and students


  • Offering scholarship opportunities for students
  • Providing venues, visibility, and opportunities for arts organizations and artists of all disciplines
  • Providing opportunities for creative individuals to gather and collaborate
  • · Providing community events that stimulate the local  and broader economy


  • Publicizing cultural events on our monthly e-calendar, website, in print and other media
  • Creating opportunities for wider visibility for arts  organizations and artists of all disciplines
  • Creating collaborative opportunities with businesses, educational Institutions, community organizations and the towns in which we serve.

The part-time Executive Director acts as the Executive Officer of the organization and is responsible for the overall management and direction of the organization in accordance with its vision and mission. The Executive Director works under the general oversight of the Chair of the Board of Directors.

The Executive Director (ED) provides oversight and overall management, planning, vision, leadership and execution for all aspects of the Center for the Arts-Lake Sunapee Region (CFA) including program management, publicity management, communications and member services, finance management, fundraising, and board development. The ED assumes a leadership role throughout the region in partnering with collaborating businesses, foundations, government officials, other nonprofits, and supporters. The ED works with the Board, Committees and Guilds to establish vision, policies, strategic focus, priorities, and general scope of programs offered by the CFA.

  • Bachelors Degree (Business/Communications/Management)
  • Four-Six years professional experience
  • Understanding of and experience building arts programs
  • Fundraising and communication skills
  • Supervisory and personnel experience
  • Financial management background
  • Experience working with board of directors, volunteers
  • Evidence of commitment to missions of the nonprofit arts sector

1.Support and work with the Board of Directors, Committees, and Guilds

  • The Executive Director will take direction from the Board of Directors and work with the Board to assure that the CFA operates with a clear mission and a long-range strategic plan that is consistent with the mission.
  • Provides leadership in managing the CFA as an effective, high quality arts organization. The ED will work collaboratively with board members, committees and Guild representatives to strengthen the CFA to provide resources and support to artists and represent the interests to the larger community. The ED will keep the Board informed about issues and events which impact the CFA as a nonprofit arts organization.
  • Keep the Board of Directors fully informed on conditions, opportunities, issues, and challenges for the CFA and the environment in which it operates so that the Board can carry out is governance, financial oversight and leadership role.
  • Develop a plan for the board to carry forward the strategic plans of the CFA.
  • Provide for the coordination of Board meetings and communications.
  • Serve as staff member to all Board Committee unless otherwise directed.
  • Represent the CFA at community and local events.


2. Program and Publicity Management

  • Provide overall program management and oversight; develop a yearly work plan with the Board, Committees, Guilds and Volunteers which includes goals, objectives, inputs and outcomes, with a budget and timeline for the programs and services to be carried out by the CFA, such as First Friday, Special Events (DWTLSS, Members Night, Gala) Fundraisers and other Programs.
  • Provide management and oversight of program support such at Tickets, Signage, etc.
  • Develop contracts with outside vendors, professional organizations, Town agencies businesses and organizations to assure effective programs.
  • Develop publicity plans in concert with the marketing contractor to create promotional materials, brochures, Ads, program invitations, social media, etc.
  • Communicate with members and the general public via phone and email messages and resolve questions in a timely manner.


3. Assist with Finance and Fundraising

  • Work with Board Treasurer to oversee end-of-year Financials/Audit
  • Monitor expenditures and income
  • Assist with the Development of the annual budget and fundraising plan
  • Assist with the Execution of the Annual Appeal
  • Assist with the Solicitation of grant and foundation funding
  • Assist with the Solicitation of area and regional business and corporate support.
  • Assist with the Identification of grant opportunities and development of proposals and production of required reporting to funding sources.
How to Apply:

Apply by Email to:


  • Cover Letter describing interests, qualifications and previous experience
  • Current Resume with 3 references and contact information
Salary Range:


Job Location:

New London

Date Added: October 29, 2019

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