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Vocational Specialist


The mission at Headrest is to assist those who have or are affected by a substance use disorder, experiencing a crisis, or needing support, by providing effective programs and treatment regardless of ability to pay.

Headrest offers programs in three areas: Crisis Hotline (24/7), Outpatient Counseling and Low-Intensity Residential Program. These programs are available to people living throughout the Upper Valley community and State of New Hampshire.

The Hotline is available to anyone and calls vary from requests for information to callers struggling with thoughts of suicide. Headrest has provided over 420,000 continuous hours of crisis intervention and support. The generosity of local towns, communities and individuals help in Headrest’s endeavor of continuing to provide these critical services especially in recent times of the opioid epidemic.

Outpatient services are available to all NH and VT residents. Headrest works with client’s to make services as affordable as possible ensuring financial barriers do not prevent individuals from seeking help. The Highly Qualified Headrest come with years of clinical experiences and passions in helping those struggling with Substance Use Disorders.

Low-Intensity Residential services (previously known as Transitional Living) is available to all New Hampshire Residents or those homeless in New Hampshire. The residential program assists clients in reclaiming their life from the devastating effects of addiction. Many transition to the residential program from 28-day rehabilitation programs. The length of stay may vary but Headrest is able to provide services to clients from 90-180 days.

Supervisor:  Executive Director

Brief Position Description:

The Vocational Employment Specialist advances Headrest’s mission and vision by providing direct training to clients and employers. Training for clients consists of Pre-Employment activities and assessment, Job development and placement, and employer interaction. Also will facilitate the development and maintenance of an employer advisory board to assist with developing successful strategies for placement and support of our clients.


I.         Introduction

The Vocational Employment Specialist is responsible for implementing the Employment Program of Headrest

The VES will work collaboratively with area employers to develop and provide employment opportunities to the Clients of Headrest and potential other community members through the City of Lebanon Human Services department. 

This position reports directly to the Executive Director.

II.       General Functions:


VES services, provided in compliance with an Individual Service Plan (ISP), shall include but not be limited to:


     Vocational assessments;

     Job preparation, that includes Intensive Vocational Rehabilitation Services (IVRS);

     Job coaching

     Counseling regarding on the job challenges and successes

     Environmental support; and

     Adaptive skills teaching necessary for a client attempting to secure and retain employment.


A substantial amount of time will be spent at jobsites, meeting with employers and employees, and assisting and transporting clients to job interviews and jobsites. Working hours will be flexible. The VES will need to be able to transport clients in their own automobile in some situations however, independence is always the priority..


III.      Specific Functions:

A.   Vocational Employment Duties:

  1. Provide Intensive Vocational Services, including but not limited to:

a)     Job Coaching,

b)     Vocational or other training, including intensive job coaching, or travel training, and transportation,

c)     Evaluation, including Interests and Aptitude testing

d)        Employment Counseling, guidance, and referral to resources, and

e)     Employer support and education.

f)      Be available for employer and employee to mediate issues


2. Schedule, coordinate, and obtain individualized employment opportunities for Clients.

a)     Schedule job interviews for Clients.

b)     Provide assistance and encouragement to Clients to explore vocational goals, strengths, and problems.

c)     Maintain collaboration with Participating (Host) Agencies.

d)     Maintain and be current with Clients benefits i.e., basic Social Security information, work incentives, special rules etc.


3. Responsible for achieving performance outcomes:

a)     Dedicate a sufficient amount of hours per week of face-to-face job development, searching, and placement activities.

b)     Conduct a minimum of two (2) personal site visits per calendar month with each assigned active Client and more frequently, as required to achieve individual needs.

c)     Place a predetermined number of Clients in permanent, unsubsidized, part time or full-time employment, or in approved educational programs. Placement performance goals will be established annually and evaluated annually.

d)     Accompany each active Client to job interviews as appropriate. If not appropriate to attend interviews because of confidentiality issues, then provide those Clients with individualized employment opportunities based on Client’s job preferences.

e)     Ensure employer contact is made within one (1) month of referral and is based on consumer job choices, preferences, strengths and/or symptoms.

B.   Job Coaching and Support Services Duties:

  1. Provide Job Coaching services; job analysis, job training, job behavior management, and develop natural supports as-needed.

2. Provide follow-up services to Clients in maintaining employment.

C.   Job Development Duties:

  1. Identify receptive employers and schedule, coordinate, and obtain individualized employment opportunities for Clients. Individualized opportunities pertain directly to Client’s stated employment interests and skills.

2. Conduct personal Job Development activities with receptive employers, where the VES presents the Headrest Employment Program to employers; highlighting the benefits of hiring Clients of Headrest.

3. Schedule job interviews for Clients.

4. Provide work opportunities for Clients that range from 20 hours to 40 hours per week in response to the Client’s choices. Work opportunities are to comply with applicable OSHA and Stand and Federal wage and labor laws.

5. Provide on-going support services to the employer and the Client.

6. Assist Clients individually and in group setting with the development and maintenance of a portfolio

  1. Participate with Headrest Case Managers and Clinicians in the creation and completion of ISPs with and for Clients, which set forth vocational goals, interventions, and performance measures.
  2. Conduct timely Assessments of Clients Interest and Aptitude.

3. Maintain records of the following information:

  • Referrals,
  • Assessments,
  • Assist in creating portfolios for clients,
  • Placement information (jobsite, position, wage/salary, initial date of employment, date of termination, etc.),
  • Satisfaction Surveys,
  • Client interviews,
  • Payment/Benefits,
  • Consent to Release Confidential Data,
  • Progress Notes, and
  • Other information as required.
  1. Coordinate Eligible Client referral to the NH State Division of Vocational Rehabilitation (DVR)..
  2. Maintain safety, security and confidentiality of Clients.
  3. Attend employment monthly team meetings; attend agency staff and treatment team meetings, and other meetings as required or assigned.


E.   Staff Development and Training. Participate and attend public education programs, provider-sponsored training sessions, mandatory Headrest trainings, and other training as required or assigned.

How to Apply:

Send resume and Cover Letter to- Cameron Ford, Executive Director, Headrest inc. or call 603-448-4872. ext 102

Salary Range:

$18-$25 hour FT benefits

Job Location:


Date Added: August 5, 2019

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