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Peer Respite Coordinator

Stepping Stone Drop In Center Association

Stepping Stone and Next Step Peer Support & Crisis Respite Centers is a consumer-run, not-for-profit peer support agency for individuals 18 and older who use or are at-risk of using mental health services. 

We serve adults living in Sullivan County and lower Grafton County through centers in Claremont and Lebanon as well as evening telephone support and crisis respite beds for adults throughout NH

Mission Statement:  To support our mental health peers on their personal paths toward wellness within a community free from judgment where we share feelings, experiences, and tools in a respectful way.

Stepping Stone is seeking an individual with lived experience to oversee the Peer Respite program located within our peer support center in Claremont for 20 hours per week.

The Peer Respite Coordinator oversees the development, delivery, and management of the organization’s Peer Respite program to ensure the efficient and effective delivery of mission-related services.  The Peer Respite Coordinator promotes the principles and values of Intentional Peer Support internally and within the greater community.  The Peer Respite Coordinator is a member of the management team.

Consumers and Members are encouraged to apply.  EOE.


General Requirements:

  • Associate’s degree in related field or equivalent relevant experience.
  • Computer skills, including Microsoft Office.
  • Demonstrated supervisory skills.
  • Proven ability to adhere to strict confidentiality standards.
  • Excellent written and verbal communications skills, including public speaking.
  • Willingness to learn.
  • Ability to meet deadlines and prioritize effectively.
  • Ability to work independently and as part of a team.
  • Valid driver's license, reliable transportation, and proof of insurance.
  • Ability to lift a maximum of 10 pounds, walk up and down stairs, and sit or stand for a majority of the workday.

Training Requirements:

  • must be certified in Intentional Peer Support (IPS) or attend the next available IPS training to become certified; and attend Co-reflection and IPS Refresher as required to maintain certification
  • must have completed WRAP® Seminar I training or attend the next available training 
  • must attend annual trainings in Peer Respite
  • must attend annual trainings in Warmline
  • must attend additional trainings as determined by your supervisor
  • must be able to travel out of town and stay overnight for training as needed


  1. To understand, model, and teach Trauma Informed Intentional Peer Support and its values.
  2. To understand and demonstrate healthy boundaries and model good self-care.
  3. To attend all required trainings.
  4. To perform other duties as assigned.

Program Support - Crisis Respite

  1. To meet with potential guests and returning guests to develop or update respite interviews.
  2. To screen requests for respite and determine suitability.
  3. To contact staff and prepare the room for each incoming guest.
  4. To prepare or retrieve a file for each incoming guest; to review and update every file for all information and content.
  5. To greet each incoming guest to create a written list of what he or she will work on during his or her stay and sign necessary paperwork.
  6. To check in with each guest 24-48 hours after he or she comes in to review responsibilities for his or her stay and check in with each guest and review the previous day’s notes each work day.
  7. To review each exit plan and reconnect a few days later for follow-up; to send a thank-you note to every guest.
  8. To maintain an inventory of program food and supplies.
  9. To assist with promoting and building statewide awareness of the program.
  10. To provide on-call support to peer respite staff.


  1. To supervise assigned staff and provide timely documentation of supervision and other personnel meetings as established to meet the needs of the individual staff and the organization; to actively participate in recruitment and retention of qualified staff.
  2. To ensure adequate staffing for the program up to and including working respite shifts.

Public Relations

  1. To promote and build the program, raise awareness through outreach and public speaking, and build guest referrals.
  2. To maintain a positive working relationship with West Central Behavioral Health in Grafton and Sullivan counties as well as other agencies and civic organizations.
  3. To work with the Executive Director on public awareness via all media forms.
How to Apply:

Send resume to:


Stepping Stone

108 Pleasant St

Claremont, NH 03743

Complete an application at:

Stepping Stone, 108 Pleasant St, Claremont, NH 03743


Next Step, 109 Bank St, Lebanon, NH 03766

Salary Range:

$15.00 per hour

Job Location:


Date Added: May 28, 2019

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