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Adult High School Teacher

Dover Adult Learning Center

Dover Adult Learning Center of Strafford County helps adults in the Strafford County area enhance their life skills and improve their lives through basic education, work force preparation, high school completion, and enrichment classes. We help our students become more effective lifelong learners, family & community members, workers, and citizens.

The following principles guide Dover Adult Learning Center board of directors, volunteers and staff in all programs and activities:

1. We treat participants with respect; we value their opinions and take their personal goals, experiences, and needs into account.

2. We individualize instruction, building on participants' strengths and prior learning, as well as helping them fill in their educational gaps and advance their basic academic skills.

3. We remove barriers to participation by providing an accepting atmosphere and by offering, whenever possible, a variety of learning options, various locations, flexible schedules, free or affordable classes, and support services such as child care, counseling, volunteer tutors and career pathways advising.

4. We seek the development of each participant to his or her fullest potential, designing educational experiences to maximize each person's independence and to empower people to carry out their personal, family, and political responsibilities and to become as economically independent as possible.

5. We emphasize opportunities for the least educated adults in our community, providing educational services for the broader population when such services do not interfere with our primary emphasis.

1.  Algebra-3 hour class one night a week, 15 weeks in the McConnell Center in Dover starting in the first week of February.
2.  Real World or Integrated Math- After school class at Oyster River High School, 3:30-6, 2 afternoons a week for 9 weeks, starting week of January 7,2019
3.  English- After school class at Somersworth High School, 3:30-6, 2 afternoons a week for 9 weeks, starting week of January 7, 2019.


Experienced, certified or certifiable high school English/Math teacher.  Must be skilled at meeting the needs of diverse learners with multiple strategies and love working with non traditional studetns and/or at risk youth.

How to Apply:

Applications must be submitted via

Salary Range:

$23.44-30.28/hour plus limited prep time.

Job Location:

Durham, Somersworth, Dover

Date Added: November 15, 2018

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