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CTAC - Computer Technology Assistance Corp

CTAC seeks and accepts donations of recently retired computers from business and individuals. We then wipe the donor’s hard drives of any data using DoD and HIPAA complaint methods. The next stop in the road for these systems is to fully restore and refurbish these computers. These computers are then provided back to the community at a cost recovery basis to low income families, not-for-profits, community based service organizations and schools. Learn more at ctac-nh.org.

Services Available to Non Profits
CTAC is available to offer nonprofit organization computer hardware, plus network and technical support a prices much lower than commercially available services. Call us (603) 218-3078 to learn how we can assist your non-profit.

Interested in Supporting Our Mission? Here are some ways to help!

  • Speak it Up! Get your employer to make a commitment to donate retiring computers and IT equipment to us. They get a big tax deduction, guaranteed data elimination and the benefit of helping low income families, Schools, non‐profits and faith based community service groups with low cost technology!
  • Sponsor it Up! Run a “Bring your Computer to Work Day.” 70% of all households that use a computer have one or more retired computers sitting in a closet with nothing to do! Users don’t know how to get rid of the personal data on the computer’s hard drive. CTAC pledges to eradicate all traces of personal data from every system donated and certifies the erasure of the data.
  • Talk it Up! Are you involved with other charities? Social service organizations? State and local programs providing assistance to low income people? Have a connection at a newspaper, TV or Radio Station? Spread the word, talk us up send them to our web site, encourage them to contact us. Like us on Facebook.
  • Volunteer! Board Membership, Computer Technology Skills, Web Design, Social Media, Professional Writing, Grant & fundraising, Marketing and outreach.

Learn more at ctac-nh.org.

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