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Individual Members

Our individual members represent people who are not directly affiliated with a nonprofit, but wish to show their support for the sector.

Denise Anderson
Karen Bast
Pamela Beaman
Elizabeth Beeson
Carolyn Benthien
Kathy Bogle Shields
Lee Bruder
Maryellen Burke
Ting Chang
Marti Clark
Christina Decato
Natasha Dube
Christopher Dugan
Sam Durfee
Catherine Eames
Meredith Farrell
Susan Grant
William Guilfoil
Talmira Hill
Kirsten Karpawich
Michael Kasten
Terry Knowles
Sara Kobylenski
Mary Lou Krambeer
Charles Lacerte
Jennifer Lambert
Gena Lavallee
Maryann Lindberg
Bob MacArthur
Elissa Margolin
Jeffrey Marks
Maureen McDonald
Elizabeth McGaughey-Willis
Ashlyn Murphy
Mike Ostrowski
Kayla Page
Jessica Patten
Marne Perreault
Anne Peyton
Lizann Peyton
Brandon Pierre
Gail Quinlan
Linda Quinn
Michelle Reagan
Lisa Rousseau
Rebecca Roy
Kirsten Scobie
Maria Sillari
Steven Smith
Boyd Smith
Katy Spriano
Kristi St. Laurent
Kelley Stonebraker
Andrew Switzer
Heather Tancreti
Katharine Terrie
Steve Thiel
John Tobin
Sasha Tracy
Matt Vasil
Kim Votta
Lindsey Williams
Michael Wrenn

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