Wage & Benefit Report

The Report on Nonprofit Wages & Benefits is your go-to source for NH nonprofit compensation data. The intent of the report is to provide nonprofit board and staff leaders with a tool which should serve as a launching point for conversations on human resource management, recruitment, retention and satisfaction:

☑ How do I put my organization's compensation level in perspective for the IRS and general public?

☑ How should I set pay and benefits for new hires?

☑ Where can I find objective salary information for my board?

Every 2 years we ask nonprofits to participate in a survey in the spring.  The 2022 survey is closed and we are tabulating the results. The report based on that survey will be available in late 2022.


The price for the report is based on two factors

  1. Did you participate in the survey? Not sure? Contact us at info@nhnonprofits.org and we’ll let you know.
  2. Are you a member of the Center? Not sure? Look for your organization on our member list.

For the first time, the report is available in both print and digital format. Based on your answers to the two questions above and whether you'd like a print or digital copy, click on one of the links below.

Note: Digital access will be granted immediately after your order is approved (see below). Print copies will take several days to reach you depending on the shipping that you choose. Shipping is an additional cost.

2020 Report

The most recent report currently available is the 2020 report. 


Report Pricing Member Not-Yet-Member
Participated in the Survey $0 $125
Non-Participant $125 $250