The Status of Women in New Hampshire 2023

The New Hampshire Women’s Foundation has released their flagship publication, The Status of Women in New Hampshire 2023. This report is the most comprehensive compilation of  data on women in the Granite State. This bi-annual report is complimented by our other bi-annual sister report, the Status of Girls in New Hampshire.

The report provides 85 indicators in demographics, health, safety, economic security and leadership.

Specific highlights include: 

  • Economic Disparity — The gender wage gap persists with women making 76 cents to every dollar a man earns. Women experience additional disparities in wages based on race, ethnicity, age, and motherhood status, also known as the “motherhood wage penalty”.
  • Child Care and Employment — Child care is unaffordable and would cost, on average, 55% of the medium income of a single mother of one infant. Women represented a majority of unemployment claims during the pandemic and the disruption of child care and school impacted women’s employment more than men.
  • Abortion Access — New Hampshire is the only state in New England that has not codified the right to abortion.
  • Leadership — Women’s representation has not reached parity in the judiciary, state house or in municipal government.