Nonprofit Property Rights Challenged by a Firearms Bill

The House and Senate have passed HB 1336. The legislation would block nonprofits employers who receive any public funding from banning employees' storage of firearms or ammunition in their locked vehicles, and prohibit all employers from inquiring into or searching for firearms or ammunition in the locked vehicles. 

The bill was opposed by Waypoint, Bi-State Primary Care Association, and the NH Hospital Association.

In a letter to the Senate Judiciary, followed by the full Senate, the NH Center for Nonprofits urged lawmakers to oppose the legislation, citing the injustice of eroding the property rights of thousands of nonprofits. “Proponents of the bill argue that 2nd amendment rights should trump an employer's property rights when it comes to vehicle storage of firearms,” noted NH Center for Nonprofits’ CEO Kathleen Reardon. “However, why would this change in policy be biased towards nonprofits?  Our state's nonprofits should have property rights equal to other employers.”

Nonprofit leaders concerned with the bill passed by the House and Senate are encouraged to connect with the Governor’s office this week to request a veto.