The 2020 Survey of Nonprofit Wages & Benefits in Northern New England is open!

You asked, we heard you! Deadline extended to September 4th, 2020

We encourage all 501(c)(3),(4),(5), and (6) organizations to participate. You can help us get a larger, more accurate data set, which makes the final report even more valuable. If that's not reason enough, participating in the survey gets you…

  • a free PDF copy of the 2018 Report on Nonprofit Wages & Benefits,
  • a free or discounted copy of the 2020 Report on Nonprofit Wages & Benefits!

One of your board's most important roles is to set executive compensation, and with nonprofits under increased scrutiny, having access to relevant and up-to-date wage data is a must. In addition, offering competitive compensation is important for both attracting and retaining key talent. This is the only wages and benefits report that focuses specifically on New Hampshire nonprofits. Through our partnership with the Maine Association of Nonprofits and Common Good Vermont, the report will also include regional data.


This survey will take roughly 30 minutes to complete, assuming you’ve already gathered all of the required data. How long it takes to gather the data will vary depending on the budget and number of employees at your organization, and can take up to 3 hours for very large organizations. We strongly encourage you to use the preparations and instructions document to identify and gather the relevant information before proceeding to the questionnaire.


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Participated Free! $125
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Frequently Asked Questions

Who can participate in the survey?

Any 501(c)(3), 501(c)(4), 501(c)(5), or 501(c)(6) organization with paid staff working in Maine, New Hampshire or Vermont can participate in the survey.

If your organization is all-volunteer or you have no employees that match the survey’s job categories, you can still get credit for participating by completing the first section of the survey.

Only one person per organization should complete the survey.

Is this survey confidential?

Your contact information and organizational identifiers will be kept separate from sensitive data and will only be used to…

  • help us screen for duplicates
  • determine whether or not your organization should receive a participation discount, and
  • contact you should we have questions about your survey responses.
Should we report data from the current fiscal year or the last completed fiscal year?

Please use data from the current fiscal year unless otherwise noted.

When is the deadline for submitting the survey?

The deadline to complete the survey is 5:00 PM on September 4th, 2020.

How will I know if you received my survey before the deadline?

You will receive an email confirmation acknowledging our receipt of your survey responses. Please provide a valid email when completing the survey, to ensure you receive the confirmation.

When will the report be published?

The report will be published in late 2020.

How do I know if my organization is a member of The Center?

Look for your organization’s name in our online member directory at

We want to participate in the survey, but we’re not currently members. Can we still get a copy of the report for free?

Yes. Any organization that participated in the survey and is a member of the the Center when the report is published, even if they join after participating in the survey, is eligible to receive a free copy of the report. For more information about membership, visit

Some of our employees don’t fit the survey’s job categories. Should I use a job category that’s “close enough” or will you add job categories?

If your employee is mostly in line with an existing job category, with a few minor differences, we recommend you use that job category. For example, we’ve found that “assistant” positions (development assistant, marketing assistant, etc.) typically match the Administrative Assistant job category (job category code 240 / 240P), and “coordinators” (development coordinator, marketing coordinator, etc.) typically match the Project Manager job category (job category code 650 / 650P).

I am the only employee at my organization. Since I “wear many hats”, under which job category should I report my salary?

Organizations with one employee typically match the executive director (job category code 110), program or division director (job category 130 / 130P), or administrative assistant (job category code 240 / 240P) job categories. Pick the description and requirements that best describe you. We will also be able to identify organizations with one employee based on their budget size.

How should I report multiple employees with different hourly wages in a single job category?

Please report the average hourly wage of all employees that match a job category. We’ve included instructions on how to calculate the average hourly wage in the “Preparing the Data” section of the survey instructions.

My organization employs people in multiple states that are part of the survey. How should I report that?

If you have employees based in multiple states covered through this survey (New Hampshire, Vermont and Maine) or have employees in other states not covered, please complete the survey for each state where you have employees and respond as follows:

  • For questions about your organization overall, such as operating expenses, total gross wages, total volunteers and total employees, please report the aggregate amount by totaling all work locations in all states.
  • For questions about job categories/specific wages, report only positions that are located/based within that state.
    • For example if you have 5 project managers, but 2 are in Maine and 3 in NH, report on the Maine survey that you have 2 positions that match the Project Manager category and report the average wage for those 2.
    • To determine which state the position is based in, use the same criteria you would use for unemployment insurance or workers compensation insurance.
  • You will only see additional questions about your Executive Director if you have reported having an Executive Director in that state.


This survey and the accompanying report is a collaboration between the Center, Common Good Vermont, the Maine Association of Nonprofits, and the University of New Hampshire Survey Center.

Common Good VermontMaine Association of NonprofitsNH Center for NonprofitsThe Survey Center, University of New Hampshire


Both the survey and report are made possible thanks to the generous sponsorship of the Unemployment Services Trust,  Northeast Delta Dental and E&S Insurance Services 

Unemployment Services Trust     


Northeast Delta Dental


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