Get Started with the Board Self-Assessment Tool

Thank you for your interest in participating in The NH Center for Nonprofit Board Self-Assessment Questionnaire. This page explains the process and the steps  you will need to take to participate in the assessment.

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Step 1

It is recommended that you read the guidelines, view the questionnaire, and review them with your board members. The Guidelines will explain all the steps in more detail. Once the process is initiated, there is only a two-week window to complete the survey, so all participants’ questions about the process should be answered prior to initiating the survey. It is important to discuss the choice to participate in the assessment with the whole board.

Nonprofit members of the Center, please complete step 3 to initiate the survey. (find out if you're a member)

Not-yet-members of the Center must complete BOTH steps 2 and 3 to initiate the survey.

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Step 2

After reading the guidelines and discussing participation with your board, if you've decided to move forward please review the pricing and make payment as indicated before moving on to step 3.

Nonprofit members of the NH Center for Nonprofits: $0
If you are a member, please proceed to Step 3 (find out if you're a member)

Board size up to 35 individuals: $89
Board size 36-100 individuals: $139
For larger boards or group rates, please contact us for pricing.

The Board Self-Assessment Questionnaire will not begin until payment has been made and step 3 has been completed. 

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Step 3

After making the appropriate payment,  the next step will be to submit your organization’s demographic information. Please provide the information requested using the button below. You will be able to indicate your preferred start date. Generally we will need 1-2 business days to get started so keep that in mind when you choose your date.

Completed payment and submission of demographic information will  initiate the Board Self-Assessment process. 

What to Expect

Each  member of your board for which you have provided an email address will be  contacted via email with a personalized link to the survey. In the  special case that a board member does not have an email address, you can print  out the questionnaire for them and they can send their responses via paper. For  more information on this option, please contact us.

One  week after this email has been sent, a reminder will be sent to those who have  not yet completed the survey. In addition, an email will be sent to you with a  list of those individuals. 

Two  weeks after the initial launch, the survey will be closed and no further responses  will be accepted. It is important that you stress to your board members that  they must complete the survey within the two-week window.

The  results from your survey will be tabulated as a pdf file and sent to you. The  results generated from the Board Self-Assessment Questionnaire are confidential  will not display any individual responses.

If  you have any trouble accessing the questionnaire, please contact us.