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The Kingswood Youth Center was founded in 1999 for 7th - 12th grade students in the Governor Wentworth Regional School District who would otherwise spend after school hours idle or home alone. Our mission is to provide a safe, positive environment in which youth may grow, learn and develop important life skills critical to their success in the adult world. Although open to all middle and high school students, over 75% of our youth are at risk.

Krempels Center is a nonprofit organization dedicated to improving the lives of people living with acquired brain injury (from trauma, tumor, stroke and other causes).

Keene Housing Kids Collaborative serves low income kids living in housing owned or managed by Keene Housing, including Housing Choice voucher holders.

Kismet Rock Foundation (Kismet) enhances the physical, intellectual and emotional development of well-functioning but economically disadvantaged children by providing access to the immense value of a comprehensive education in technical rock climbing. By developing their potential, Kismet prepares students to positively contribute to their communities and their culture throughout their lives.

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