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Coastlands Consultants

Founded in 1989, Coastlands Consultants mentors youth through a varitety of Christian venues: chapels and spiritual emphasis weeks for Christian schools, retreats, summer camps, and a newly developed program that equips youth to form a network of supportive adults around them.  Our desire is that students know both the Word of the Lord AND the Lord of the Word, and we believe that healthy mentoring relationships often play a significant role in that process.

More information can be found on our website at

Posted on: Wednesday, April 28, 2021

GALA Makers Mill

The purpose of GALA Makers Mill is to enrich lives and restore ecosystems in the greater Carroll County and Lakes Region of NH through hands-on workshops, volunteer work parties, and community initiatives that bring people together to build the more beautiful world our hearts know is possible. 

GALA Makers Mill envisions a world where everyone has the opportunity to be embedded in community, restored by nature, nourished by a thriving local food system, and powered by clean, renewable energy. Our programs support this vision by working to build a thriving local food system, with an emphasis on food access and sovereignty through community garden installations; a renewable energy future with an emphasis on conservation and solar; and resilient communities through the sharing of hands-on sustainable living skills and activities that deepen a sense of place and connection.

GALA Makers Mill's primary programs include - 

Workshops:  Ongoing "Re-skill-ience" workshops focusing on homesteading, sustainable living, and traditional bushcraft skills. Workshop are designed to help participants develop skills and knowledge that strengthen personal and community resilience. Topics have included food preservation (canning, fermenting, pickling, jam), making insulated window quilts, basic bicycle maintenance, making healing salves, making immune boosting tonics, knife/blade sharpening, basic sewing, wild foraging walks, home brewing, pruning and grafting fruit trees, campfire cooking, stone wall restoration, and more! 

Work-Parties:  Think of a Barn Raiser, well, in GALA Makers Mill's case, "Sustain-A-Raiser".  These are volunteer-driven work parties where a group of people comes together to install a garden, compost bin, rain barrel, clothesline, or cold frames, at homes, schools, food pantries, faith centers, or other community spaces.  The program has recently expanded to include low-cost / high-impact home improvements that help meet the county's health and wellness goals, particularly helping residents age in place by installing handrails, fixing exterior steps, building access ramps, patching roofs, and helping with light insulation projects. 

Community Initiatives:  GALA Makers Mill organizes, incubates, and collaborates on many community initiatives including a Contra Dance Series, Solarize Campaign, Town Cleanup Day, Bike & Walk to Work/School Day, Spring Seed Swap, and a Fall Clothing & Costume Swap.  

Learn more about GALA Makers Mill by visiting our website at

You can also follow GALA Makers Mill on social media at


Posted on: Wednesday, April 7, 2021

Our Place

Our Place, Inc., founded in 2019, became a 501c3 nonprofit in April 2020. The goal of Our Place is to create supportive housing for adults with developmental disabilities in the seacoast area. Our Place plans to build and/or renovate homes for 10 individuals to live in their own apartments with shared social spaces and the support they need to live independently and be part of the local community. 

Our Place was created to offer adults with developmental disabilities proper housing and support in a safe, healthy, social, and caring home where they may age in place with their peers. Of the limited options available to these adults, a supportive housing model should be a choice. Forty-five individuals have already contacted Our Place indicating an interest in this type of  housing opportunity.

Our Place will provide each individual with surroundings that are conducive to long term friendships, a sense of well being and self-worth while respecting each resident's individual choices for employment, recreation and socialization. We are thankful to have Visions Creative Housing Solutions, in Enfield, NH, as a model for our project. Visions has been successfully and sustainably providing a supportive housing residence for 10 adults with developmental disabilities since 2014 and is expanding to two other homes. 

Our Place is currently working on developing their first home in the Seacoast NH area. Our Place board of directors and volunteers are determined to have the first home up and running for 10 individuals with developmental disabilities in 2023, so that we can go on to build more.


  • Our Place raised $45,000 with New Hampshire Gives just two months after becoming a 501c3.
  • From January 2020 to August 2020 we sent a team to the Supportive Housing Institute sponsored by New Hampshire Housing Finance Authority and the Corporation for Supportive Housing. At the institute our team learned how to build and maintain a quality supportive housing project. 

We are currently looking for people with expertise in real estate, development and accounting. 

To learn more about Our Place please visit:

Our website at  or call 603-617-6900. 

Our Facebook Page:

Our Instagram Page:


Mailing Address: 

Our Place, Inc.

PO. Box 65

Dover, NH. 03821

Posted on: Thursday, February 18, 2021

Second Start

Second Start was incorporated in 1971 as a 501 (c) (3) nonprofit and began Adult Literacy classes in 1972.

Mission Statement: Second Start is committed to improving the economic and educational well being of New Hampshire residents. Our goal is to help people become more productive workers, family members and community citizens. We provide supportive, affordable and effective educational programs including but not limited to: Adult Basic Education, Job Training and Career Counseling and Training for At at-risk youth, and Child Care services.

Progams Include:

Adult Literacy and English as a Second Language Instruction

Literacy and HiSET Tutoring for Adolescents and Adults

High School Equivalenct Preparation and Testing (HiSET)

First Start Childrens Center and summer school age program

The Alternative High School for Adolescents

Transitional Employment and Training Program for Adolescents (TET)

Drug abd Alcohol Prevention (Student Assistance Programs in 4 local School Districts)

New Amereican Driving School

Second Start in 2016 serves as the lead organization of a broad coalition of nonprofits, other agencies and business organizations creating a Welcoming Community in Concord for Immigrants.The goal is to promote a more user friendly and tolerant community economically, socially, religiously and politically so that all our residents may grow and prosper.

Second Start has administered, since 1988, all of the New Hampshire Department of Education’s staff development program and activities for Adult Education practitioners in the state. 

First Start Chidren's Center is a License Plus rated Chidcare and After School facility with the State on New Hampshire for children ages 6 months to age 12.

The Alternative High School is a New Hampshire State approved Special Education Program for Emotional Handicapped, Learning Disabaled and Speech and Language Impaired Children ages 14 to 21.

New American Driving School for refugees started in 2018

In 2019 Second Start began administering in conjunction with the Concord School District, the Adult Diploma Program, which provides an opportunity for adults and older adolescents to earn a High School Diploma. 

In 2021,Second Start entered into a three year contract with thr NHDOE to coordinate the payment and administration of the 17 HISET testing Centers in New Hampshire  

Visit our Website at : or call 603-228-1341 for additional information

Posted on: Wednesday, February 10, 2021

SHARE Fund, Inc.

We help with basic needs in times of emergency or financial crisis...

The SHARE Fund is a registered 501c3 nonprofit charitable outreach agency which provides various types of material and financial support to families and individuals in need during emergencies or times of severe hardship. Our primary goal is to provide the needed resources of food, shelter, and clothing. 

We reach out to our neighbors in need in the Greater Rochester, farmington, and Somersworth area to help during difficult times, provide innovative program services to guide families on a path to self-sufficiency, and refer to other agencies & resources when eligible, thus maximizing aid.

Our Mission: “To provide material and financial assistance to address emergency basic needs and inspire people to become financially self-sufficient.”

Our Vision: That all people in our community will be free from financial struggleand food insecurity.

Our Values: To be good stewards of the resources trusted to us by exhibiting financial accountability and  transparency, respecting the worth and dignity of all people, working as a team for the best benefit of the community, and striving for excellence in all we do.

We have see a 40% increase in food requests in 2020 versus 2019.  We continue to serve our Neighbors in Need and have recently expanded our Financial Assistance into the Somersworth community.

Visit our facebook page at:

Visit our operations at: 150 Wakefield Street Rochester NH

Contact our Office at: (603) 335-0011

Visit our Website:

Posted on: Tuesday, February 2, 2021

National Center for Competency-Based Learning

Currently, we are leading the NH Department of Education's effort to revamp the Minimum Standards for Public School Approval, the document that governs K-12 education in NH. NCCBL's Vision is The World as the Classroom. Our primary purpose is to redesign public education from a time-based (180 days, move on by age) system to a competency-based (Anytime, anyplace, student-centered, move on when ready) model. 

NCCBL has led the effort to create a joint vision with the NH Coalition for Business and Education and the NH School Administrators' Association which states that " By 2025, virtually every NH high school student will earn, or be on a personalized path to earning, a post-secondary or career-related credential". or call Fred Bramante at 603-231-2708

Posted on: Wednesday, January 20, 2021

New England Grassroots Environment Fund

Founded in 1996, the New England Grassroots Environment Fund (Grassroots Fund) is dedicated to co-creating healthy and sustainable communities throughout New England. With a focus on those who have often been marginalized, Grassroots Fund empowers individuals, groups and organizations working across a broad range of environmental and social justice issues. By helping them identify, select and access the specific tools, resources and connections they need to challenge existing systems, they are able to develop lasting solutions to the complex problems affecting the places they live and the health of the people who live there. We’re supporting change makers who not only experience marginalization but face systemic and structural barriers to traditional funding. Read more about our 'why':

●       We’re fostering innovation. - We’re supporting change makers who not only experience marginalization but face systemic and structural barriers to traditional funding. We’re investing in individuals, groups and organizations working across a broad range of environmental and social justice issues that traditional funders often overlook, and encouraging them to take creative approaches to challenging existing systems.

●       We’re convening changemakers. - We’re building networks. We’re strengthening grassroots movements by making powerful, intersectional connections between a broad spectrum of individuals, groups and organizations all working toward common goals, encouraging cross-issue conversations and supporting them as they develop solutions to big problems.  

●       We’re reimagining philanthropy. - We’re tackling systemic oppression. With equity and justice at the center of our grantmaking, we’re changing the traditional funder-grantee relationship by shifting the power to the grassroots initiatives. We’re also dedicated to being hands on, committed partners in their fight to create healthy and sustainable communities. We’re supporting change makers who not only experience marginalization but face systemic and structural barriers to traditional funding.

●       We’re empowering communities. - We follow the lead of communities We look to communities to develop their own solutions to the complex issues affecting where they live as well as the health and enjoyment of the people who live there. And we listen to and help them identify and access the specific tools, resources and connections they need to make an Impact.

●       We’re amplifying voices. -  We encourage meaningful participation. We believe all community members have perspectives and experiences to offer and deserve to have their voices heard. We want all perspectives to be valued, heard and considered in decision making and are particularly focused on ensuring that the marginalized voices are heard.

Grantmaking: The Grassroots Fund provides small grants through our Seed, Grow and Young Leader programs for grassroots environmental efforts across New England. Applicants are not required to have 501c3, tax-exempt status to apply to the Fund. Explore our grantee map:

Convenings: Our training and networking events and learning cohorts provide opportunities for (emerging) leaders to hone their organizing skills and lean in to conversations around equity and intersectionality as we aim to bring together environmental, economic and social justice changemakers.

Amplifying voices:  The Grassroots Fund uses participatory processes to catalyze deeper innovation and equity; readers of grant applications are exposed to new ideas and connections through their engagement and event planning committees help to design events that serve their communities' needs. 

The Grassroots Fund is based in Newmarket, NH with a satellite office in Burlington, VT.

To learn more about the Grassroots Fund, how to apply for a grant, attend an event visit  

Sign up to Participate as a grant reader or planning committee member at

Email at or phone us at 603-905-9915.

Posted on: Thursday, January 14, 2021

New Hampshire Hunger Solutions

NH Hunger Solutions is the only state organization focused on advocating to end hunger in New Hampshire

Our Mission: We advocate for the improvement of food security of vulnerable New Hampshire families and provide education for policy makers.

Our Vision: We envision a state where encouragement to end family food insecurity and hunger is accomplished by encouraging and assisting partners in finding solutions. 

Explore our website at

Contact our Executive Director at

Posted on: Friday, January 8, 2021

Families in Transition – New Horizons

The mission of Families in Transition – New Horizons is to provide hunger relief, emergency shelter, safe affordable housing, and supportive services to individuals and families who are homeless or in need, enabling them to gain self-sufficiency and respect.

Founded as a nonprofit organization in 1991, Families in Transition – New Horizons was formed as a response to the growing number of homeless individuals and families in Manchester and throughout the state of New Hampshire. Since its inception, FIT/NH has been committed to providing only the most innovative and effective programming to help homeless individuals and families reach beyond the cycle of homelessness and lead healthy and successful lives. We believe that having a home is a basic human right and a fundamental component of becoming an engaged and contributing member of the community.

FIT’s unique combination of quality, affordable housing, and services has been recognized statewide and nationally as one of the most effective ways to end homelessness. Remaining on the forefront of research and innovation in homeless services, the Families in Transition – New Horizons model empowers homeless individuals and families to lead healthy, happy, and productive lives.

To learn more, please reach us at: 603-641-9441 or by email, please contact: 

Kyle Chumas, Director of Marketing & Communications at:

Posted on: Monday, January 4, 2021

Pemi-Baker Community Health

Pemi-Baker Community Health has been making a positive difference in the health of 22 Central and Northern NH communities since 1967.  We are the hometown agency of choice for home health, palliative care, hospice and outpatient therapy at our facility in Plymouth, NH.  Our visiting nurses, physical therapists and social workers all perform important roles that touch the lives of everyone on your family tree.

  • Home Care-Palliative Care (compassionate care in your home): Our expert team of nurses, therapists, social workers and home health aides help home bound individuals in need of skilled medical services from serious illnesses, injury or surgery.
  • Hospice (improving quality of life and redefining hope): Our experienced hospice team will address physical, emotional and spiritual needs of the patient and family, guiding them through the end of life journey.
  • Pre/Post Rehab Therapies (physical and occupational therapy at our facility): Our Physical Therapists have years of experience in specialty therapy such as: Myofascial & Cranio Sacral Therapy, Visceral & Neural Manipulations, Active Release Techniques, Dry Needling, Geriatrics, Vertigo & TMJ specialties.  Whether you’re looking to safely recover overall fitness, lost movement, flexibility, strength or balance, our professionals will meet you where you’re at and tailor a treatment program after a thorough evaluation that’s specific to your condition and needs.
  • Aquatic and Fitness (health & fitness, taking care of yourself): Our pool programs assist in increasing energy, strength, and flexibility while releasing stress and tension.
  • Community Programs: Foot clinics, bereavement groups, caregiver support groups, American Red Cross CPR/AED/First Aid, Lifeguarding and Children's Swim lessons.

Please visit our website for information on our services, employment, community program calendar and educational blog/news/press releases.


Posted on: Friday, December 11, 2020


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