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NH Public Health Association

Our Mission

NHPHA is a member driven organization that champions public health policy and practice, enriches the
workforce and inspires leaders to improve the public’s health.

Our Vision
NHPHA is the leading, trusted public health voice that empowers our members and engages our partners
and decision makers to achieve a healthier NH.

Our Vision Expanded
As the New Hampshire membership association of emerging and established professionals and organizations
seeking to improve the public’s health, NHPHA is firmly committed to lead and serve with passion and
accountability. We convene members and partners to advance the public’s health. We are dedicated
to fostering a culture of cross-sector learning and sharing of expertise to enhance the development of the
public health workforce.

NHPHA is a trusted, unbiased, consistent voice recognized by diverse partners and members to advance
a broad range of public health policies and practices, based on evolving trends, scientific evidence, and
accurate data. We use clear messaging to increase the visibility of important public health issues.
Foundational to our work is our belief that all people in New Hampshire have fair and just opportunities that
allow them to realize their full health potential. This is achieved by a strong public health system with the
capacity to support equitable health outcomes for everyone – regardless of where they live, learn, work,
age, and play. We work steadfastly to incorporate this core value of equity into all we do.
We recognize that volunteers have been the mainstay of NHPHA and have enriched the organization with
their diverse skills, dedication, and expertise. We will build upon this volunteer base as we grow NHPHA into
a vibrant, sustainable force to improve the public’s health.

Our Values

  • Equity- We believe in fair and just opportunities that will allow people to achieve their full health potential.
  • Passion- We possess a driving commitment for excellence in public health.
  • Leadership- We lead with our collective expertise and diverse skills.
  • Community – We believe that everyone has a right to live, work and play in healthy and safe communities that foster well-being and prosperity.
  • Performance-Based – We are accountable to our members and stakeholders by making informed decisions to advance our mission.
  • Collaboration – We mobilize partners for collective action to advance the public’s health.

Please visit for more info about our association. 

Posted on: Wednesday, April 15, 2020

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