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Fellowship Housing Opportunities

Fellowship Housing Opportunities is a non-profit organization that offers decent, affordable housing and behavioral health services to people with persistent mental illness in the Concord community. Fellowship Housing is committed to the role of an interested landlord, creating and preserving high quality living environments, and collaborating with other providers to support long-term stability in our renter's lives. 

Fellowship Housing offers a variety of housing choices and support based on each individual's needs.  Our housing offers a foundation upon which an individual can achieve and maintain a level of recovery from psychiatric symptoms in order to live in the community as a citizen, neighbor, friend, and worker. We pride ourselves on knowing, and caring for, each of our renters.  In doing so we are able to proactively deal with issues as they arise, often averting such drastic measures as eviction proceedings or hospitalization.  Responsiveness and flexibility are two key ingredients in our programs and we have a deep respect for our roles as both landlord and provider. 

Fellowship Housing owns and runs a community residence for 12 adults who thrive with around the clock support. Residents receive assistance from staff in building skills for everyday living and illness management. The residents are involved in making household decisions and participate in activities within the community. 

In addition to housing and the community residence, Fellowship Housing contracts with the local community mental health center to provide medically necessary services to clients living independently in the community. Our staff members provide support in completing everyday tasks in natural community environments, helping to reinforce and enhance the client’s ability to successfully manage the symptoms of mental illness and achieve their personal treatment goals. The intent is to help the client avoid hospitalization and gain confidence throughout their recovery.

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Posted on: Thursday, July 16, 2015

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