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Five Rivers Conservation Trust

Five Rivers Conservation Trust works with landowners, communities and partners to conserve land of LOCAL imortance in the Greater Capital Region of New Hampshire, so that future generations can experience and enjoy food grown on local farms, hiking and paddling experiences close to home, a vibrant wildlife community, clean water, local forest products and iconic New England landscapes.

Five Rivers recently conserved two farms that exemplify the range of land conservation efforts it undertakes.  In both instances a recent widow wanted to accomplish the family's plan to ensure that their property would always be available for high quality farming and forestry in the future.  They each chose Five Rivers to guide them through the process of conserving their farms. 

In one instance the landowner donated conservation restrictions which resulted in a formal conservation easement in 6 months time. 

In the other instance, Five Rivers worked with the local community, funding partners and local donors for over 18 months to raise over $350,000 to purchase the conservation restrictions to protect a very important 238 acre farm from future development. The high conservation value of the farm and the financial situation of the landowner meant that a purchase of those restrictions was necessary, resulting in a longer timeframe and a more complicated restrictions.

In both instances, the land remains in private hands and on the tax rolls, but the development opportunities have been eliminated or limited providing important public benefits including public access, conservation of highly productive land, availability of local food, firewood and lumber, and protection of important water resources. 

Five Rivers remains involved by monitoring the properties annually to ensure no development, mining, dumping, disturbance of wetlands or other important conservation features; by working with the landowner to ensure that activities are permitted under the restrictions, and by being prepared to take action should there be a problem with activities that threaten the conservation values.

Five Rivers also conserves land by accepting donation of properties that it will own and manage for conservation purposes adn public benefit.

To learn more about Five Rivers, over 4300 acres of conserved land and public events that showcase conserved properties, visit our web site at

Posted on: Friday, February 10, 2017

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