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Lakes Region Child Care Services

The mission of Lakes Region Child Care Services Inc. (LRCCS) is to provide high quality, affordable, child care for families who work or attend school in the greater Lakes Region. LRCCS is the third largest Licensed-Plus child care firm in the state of New Hampshire, offering 8 programs, with child care centers in three towns. All of our child care centers are open from 6:30 am, to 5:30 pm, Monday through Friday, year round. LRCCS school-age programs operate daily before-and-after school, vacation weeks and snow days, with a large summer program operating out of Pleasant Street School, in Laconia.

LRCCS benefits from its market structure and develops and implements price stabilization, quality, locations of service, diversity of service, and ad strategy in order to fulfill its mission. LRCCS also utilizes economies of scale such as specialization, cost containment, distribution of fixed costs, and offers a lower cost to consumers.  The practice of central administration prevents dis-economies of scale such as poor communication, slow decision making and bureaucracy by sharing a common administration/back office in a common physical space.

Last year LRCCS provided over 59,600 days of care, to over 440 children from 28 towns.

Over the next few years Lakes Region Child Care Services Inc. (LRCCS) will continue to see an increase in demand for services and will respond with increased supply after careful consideration. Given current plant space restrictions, expansion is advisable.

Because all LRCCS facilities are currently operating at full enrollment, and many have long waitlists, it is in best interest of LRCCS, and the communities that it serves, to increase the number of child care slots and programs offered. To this end, Lakes Region Child Care Services plans to relocate and expand our Belmont Center - adding 20 child care slots. In addition, LRCCS has been invited by the Laconia Area Community Land Trust to operate an 8 slot infant program within their new housing project, River’s Edge.

All Lakes Region Child Care Services (LRCCS) programs are Licensed-Plus with the State of NH. LRCCS is also a contract agency with the Child Development Bureau (CDB) of the Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS). This means that LRCCS offers high quality, research based, nationally recognized curriculum, and follows stringent regulations, and other guidelines. All LRCCS children are assessed bi-annually to ensure optimal development. Referrals are made to outside agencies, and SAUs, when children are found eligible. Program quality is maintained through assessment and adjustment. LRCCS teachers and directors assess each classroom annually using nationally recognized tools. The Infant and Toddler Environmental Rating Scale (ITERS), and the Early Childhood Environmental Rating Scale (ECERS) are performed on each classroom environment, and produce a profile that depicts strengths and weaknesses. The directors and teachers then review the profiles to build on strengths, but mostly to improve areas of weakness. This in turn maintains quality.

In conclusion, a growing economy will support parents' desire to seek comprehensive services for their young children. Other things being equal, there will be an increase in demand for LRCCS' services by households, the government, and businesses because of consumer wealth, consumer expectations, and the expected rate of return on investment in the first-five-years.

Ultimately, investments in early care and education will improve the long-term economic prospects of the communities that LRCCS serves. According to Nobel Prize (2000) winning economist James Heckman, "It's a hard-nosed investment that pays off in lower social welfare costs, decreased crime rates, and increased tax revenue.”  In a cost-benefit study in 2006, Heckman calculated that investments in the early years of life have an annual return rate of 7% to 10%.

State nominee for the Let's Move Award (2015)

Featured on NHPR series The Opportunity Gap (2015)

Posted on: Monday, June 8, 2015

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