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Second Start

Second Start was incorporated in 1971 as a 501 (c) (3) nonprofit.

Mission Statement: Second Start is committed to improving the economic and educational well being of New Hampshire residents. Our goal is to help people become more productive workers, family members and community citizens. We provide supportive, affordable and effective educational programs including but not limited to: Adult Basic Education, Job Training and Career Counseling and Training for At at-risk youth, and Child Care services.

Progams Include:

Adult Literacy and English as a Second Language Instruction.

Tutoring for Adults- Adult Learner Services Program

High School Equivalenct Preparation and Testing (HiSET)

First Start Childrens Center

The Alternative High School for Adolescents

Transitional Employment and Training Program (TET)

Drug abd Alcohol Education (Student Assistance Programs in 4 local School Districts)

Second Start in 2016 serves as the lead organization of a broad coalition of nonprofits, other agencies and business organizations creating a Welcoming Community in Concord for Immigrants.The goal is to promote a more user friendly and tolerant community economically, socially, religiously and politically so that all our residents may grow and prosper.

Second Start has administered, since 1988 all of the New Hampshire Department of Education’s staff development program and activities for Adult Education practitioners in the state. 

First Start Chidren's Center is a License Plus rated Chidcare and After School facility with the State on New Hampshire for children ages 6 months to age 12.

The Alternative High School is a New Hampshire State approved Special Education Program for Emotional Handicapped, Learning Disabaled and Speech and Language Impaired Children ages 14 to 21.

Visit our Website at : or call 603-228-1341 for additional information

Posted on: Friday, January 29, 2016

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