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Ashuelot Concerts exists to enrich our community by making world-class, live classical music available to all. Music heals; it challenges; it stretches our brains and it reaches eventhose who are least expecting it. It brings people together in a unifying and uplifting shared experience. During this uncertain time when we are unable to gather in person, Ashuelot Concerts has been live-streaming performances and lectures twice a week in an effort to keep live music very much alive. This period of social isolation has underlined just how important these shared experiences really are.

Alongside a regular concert season of 8 chamber music concerts at the Keene Synagogue, Ashuelot Concerts runs an extensive outreach program of school performances, lectures at retirement villages and free performances in community settings such as the Cheshire Medical Center. Since January 2019, Ashuelot Concerts has established a regular program of performances in 14 schools and we are constantly working to develop relationships with many more. To date, these unique performances have brought live chamber music to 3,000 children, and counting.

Bringing live classical music into classrooms is at the heart of our organizational mission: There are hundreds of studies that show that a high-quality musical education results in improved IQ, greater confidence, less emotional stress, more creative thinking, and better grades. More than any of this, live music and professional musicians can share inspiring stories of achievement with the children: How they work to overcome difficulties every day in their own practice; how they realize no matter how well they can play today, tomorrow is another opportunity to improve; how the feeling of getting better at something is energizing and inspiring; and, most importantly, how there really is no limit to your ability with the right attitude, determination and drive.

Ashuelot Concerts believes classical music can make a real difference to people's lives. We are setting out to remove the barriers that prevent people engaging with this incredible music: In 2018 & 2019 in the US, classical music made up only 1% of all the music bought, downloaded or streamed. It is up to the concert-artists and music-lovers alike to work together to change this situation as Classical music has so much to offer future generations. Please consider supporting our mission.

Winner of 2019 Ewing Arts Award

Please visit our website or call us 888-336-6857

Posted on: Monday, June 1, 2020

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