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Scott-Farrar at Peterborough

Scott-Farrar at Peterborough, a charitable, non-profit retirement community, is nestled in a spectacular natural setting, surrounded by lawns, gardens, woods, a walking trail and the Nubanusit Brook; all within walking distance to downtown Peterborough.  Whether in Independent Living, Assisted Living or Memory Care Assisted Living, all apartments are spacious, bright and beautiful.  The community frees residents of the burden of home ownership and maintenance. Scott-Farrar offers housekeeping, maintenance, executive chef prepared meals as well as assistance 24 hours a day in Assisted Living and Memory Care. Best of all, Scott-Farrar offers social, recreational and cultural programs that are designed to enrich and enhance a lively senior lifestyle.

Jennie Scott legacy Fund

Last year Scott-Farrar celebrated 110 years and its ongoing mission; to operate as a charitable non-profit; assisting those Scott-Farrar residents who have outlived their assets to stay in their Scott-Farrar home. This mission is unique in today’s healthcare world where residents would typically move to a nursing home and apply for Medicaid if their funds were exhausted.

Demographics are changing rapidly and seniors are living considerably longer and healthier lives. As a consequence, our residents could potentially be faced with financial hardship. To assist these residents, Scott-Farrar accepts donations to the Jennie Scott Legacy Fund.

Serving Seniors for over 110 Years

In November of 2019, Scott-Farrar celebrated 110 years of serving seniors of the Monadnock Region. Our deep history dates back to 1909 when the Peterborough Home for the Aged was established. The Home for the Aged provided care for seniors who did not have family to care for them in their old age.

In the 1920's the Home for the Aged moved to Elm street to a large Victorian donated by Helen Farrar, which could house and care for more seniors.

When Jennie Scott, a life long resident of Peterborough, died in 1951, she bequethed half of her estate to the Peterborough Home for the Aged.

In 1957, the new non-profit charitable organization was incorporated and the community’s name changed to the Scott-Farrar Home and the brick Scott-Farrar home that so many are familiar with was built.

Building upon its lengthy heritage of providing care to seniors, Scott-Farrar at Peterborough was fully rebuilt, with a slight name change, in 2016, to meet the evolving expectations of today’s seniors.

To learn more about the Scott-Farrar Community please visit our website You can also call 603-924-3691 or email

Posted on: Thursday, September 3, 2020

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