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Journey Song is dedicated to bringing solace through singing to those who are confined to nursing homes, hospitals, or in private homes who are either in hospice or nearing death. We were founded in 2008 with five members. We now have 52 members and this year 2017, we will sing to nearly 3000 people over the seacoast of NH and southern Maine. We sing at bedsides with normally 3 to 7 people. We also provide group sings in community centers or senior living facilities with 15 to 25 people. We are all volunteers who pay dues to partially offset expenses. Our expenses include a contracted part time Music Director, payment for rehearsal space, and music purchases. We sing music both secular and sacred, regardless of religious affiliation. Our current repertoire is over 130 songs. Our goal is to create thousands of smiles every year, on the faces of people who rarely have a reason to smile. 

Our services are free, and all our singers are volunteers with no compensation for their time or travel expenses. Approximately 50% of our operating costs come from member dues. The remainder is covered by generous donations.

In the past three years, our membership has doubled. We now have 7 regional teams who sing in facilities in their regions. We collaborate with three hospice organizations in southern NH. These organizations give us names of peoples in these regions that are in hospice care, and we visit with them and sing for them.

Our website is We rehearse every Monday night at 7 PM at the Community Church of Stratham on Emery Lane in Stratham, NH. 

Posted on: Thursday, November 16, 2017

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