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Positive Tracks

Empowering Youth to Change the World by Sweating For Good.

The Call: Addiction, poverty, racism and other social challenges are persistent issues facing our world. Sadly, many of these problems disproportionately affect the lives of young people. And while youth are eager to address these issues, pathways to civic engagement haven’t kept pace with the needs of this fast-paced, tech savvy generation. In order to tap into this vital group, we need more youth driven approaches that are meaningful, inclusive and fun.

The Response: We believe in the power and potential of Generation Z (born between 19952010) to find answers to the biggest issues facing our planet. We also believe that this process should inspire joy, confidence and whole-body health. To this end, Positive Tracks has created an innovative solution that lifts the barriers to civic involvement and amplifies youth voice. We call it Sweating for Good. Through Positive Tracks, youth ages 12 - 25 are creating change using the power of their own physical activity. Young people are running to fight racism, playing basketball to combat climate change, and dancing to end bullying. Youth are learning that something as simple as a kickball tournament can ignite critical conversations and foster the basic framework of civic activism.

How it Works: We provide young people with one-on-one support, tools, resources and customized coaching through two pathways:

  • Positive Tracks Challenges: Youth apply to Positive Tracks for free help building and leading an athletic event designed to champion a cause or organization they care about.
  • Positive Tracks Sweat Labs: Positive Tracks designs workshops led in partnership with schools, organizations and communities to introduce youth to Sweating For Good.

The Impact: Positive Tracks develops leadership skills in young people and measures progress by focusing on Character Development, Connection and Action.

  • Character Development: We help youth see themselves as powerful, valuable and capable by fostering key traits like confidence, empathy and healthy risk taking.
  • Connection: We create space for young people to come together around shared conversation to strengthen and build bonds within their community and beyond.
  • Action: We encourage youth to identify the change they want to see in the world and equip them with the skills, knowledge and resources they need to take action.

To date, Positive Tracks has helped 73,600 youth partners turn 383,675 miles of athletic activity into advocacy, activism and $11.1 million for causes shaping our future. Most importantly, we have watched Generation Z embrace their passion for helping others by Sweating for Good.

To learn more about Positive Tracks, please visit our website at or follow us on Facebook (@PositiveTracksOrg), Instagram (@postracks) and Twitter (@postracks). You may also email us at or call at 603-643-5009.

Posted on: Wednesday, March 4, 2020

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