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Greater Claremont Chamber of Commerce


The Greater Claremont Chamber of Commerce strives to enhance, promote and support the economic stability and growth in the communities it serves.



The Chamber will be a community and business leader and a sought after partner in economic development and tourism, community enhancement, civic engagement for our region.

The Chamber will work to create a vibrant and prosperous business community in Sullivan County.

The Chamber will be a conduit for communication, education, and evaluation for the business community of Sullivan County. 


Since 1917 the Greater Claremont Chamber of Commerce has been playing a major leadership role in shaping the economic and social growth of the city by encouraging residents and visitors to do business locally. Over the years the Chamber has developed unique and innovative partnerships with the city's business, civic and nonprofit communities to maintain a strong, safe, and viable Region. The Chamber also helps coordinate several of Claremont's major community events and recognizes the outstanding achievements in business and community by presenting the annual President's Awards.  With an array of membership benefits as well as its commitment to the communities we serve, the Greater Claremont Chamber of Commerce has built a reputation for excellence and achievement and will continue its leadership role in the years ahead.

The Greater Claremont Chamber of Commerce is a non-profit 501(c)(6) organization formed to represent business interests within the communities we serve.

Posted on: Monday, April 8, 2019

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