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Hospice Help Foundation

Hospice Help Foundation’s (HHF's) mission is to provide financial assistance to hospice patients with dire financial need to improve their quality of life and ease the burdens accompanying a terminal diagnosis. We boost the dignity and comfort of hospice patients’ final days by funding essential needs that they would otherwise not be able to afford, such as rent and heating, warm meals and clothing, transportation costs to stay connected to loved ones, glasses and hearing aid repairs, and modest last wishes.

In the past two years our supporters have made a vital difference to over 120 hospice patients who had nowhere else to turn for help and we have experienced a 20% increase in our services. We calculate that for every patient we help, there are at least four additional people directly impacted by our support, including family and the members of the hospice team who care for patients. One social worker wrote: “I can’t tell you how grateful my patient was that HHF was able to pay March rent for him and his wife. It was useful, tangible support when otherwise, all he was getting was bad news, no matter where he turned. It took a real financial burden off the couple and allowed them to focus on each other, their relationship, and her care, during their time with us. I also am grateful to HHF as it provided the opening needed for our hospice agency to bond with the couple. It was the first tangible evidence that we could actually help and was so important for them to build trust in our services.”

HHF is also committed to promoting positive end of life experiences. We collaborate with local organizations to hold public education events that over the years have helped hundreds of residents in New Hampshire, Southern Maine, and Northern Massachusetts talk about death and dying and lay the foundation for a good death.

To learn more please visit or you can contact Marsha Filion, Executive Director at 603-766-0444 or

Posted on: Thursday, October 24, 2019

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